This Week in Music (May 29-June 4)

Write in the comments if I missed something and check the comments to find music other Vinglers enjoy. Let's discover music together!

XIA (Junsu) released "Rock The World" which starts off sounding like an exciting spy mission that turns into a b-boy battle. The song is very fresh sounding and the dance moves definitely go hard.

iKon released "#WYD" this week and it is simply a beautiful song. How the guys sync up with the slow, calming melody of the background instrumental is soothing, even with the more upbeat verses.

Jong Shin Yoon released "Over Sleep" ft Ken from VIXX this week and it is a very nice ballad. I'm a little bit confused because as far as I could tell, the song in its entirety was sung by Ken.

CLC made their comeback with "Oh No No" and the song is very good at keeping attention with its random repetitions and small hip-hop influences. The dance moves also complement the song and are easily followed with the eyes.

Released on the last day of May is Fiestar's "Apple Pie". The song is very catchy and has an adequate amount of emphasis in the verses. The bridge brilliantly climaxes into the chorus and the girls are able to add comical aspects to the video and song. Stay until the end of the video.

Also on the last day of May, Luna of F(x) has made her solo debut with "Free Somebody" which is a techno-pop song complemented with a soulful undertone. The style of the song fits Luna well and the music video is very psychedelic in nature.

To start off June, EXID made their comeback with "L.I.E." and for all of the people saying they continue to release songs sounding similar to "Up & Down", you get a break now as they changed their concept. This song to me seems to revert back to a similar upbeat style that they used to have.

Chaewon of April and Chaekyeong from I'm not quite sure where (Sorry 😅) released "Clock" this week. This song is an almost perfect coffeehouse song if only the song didn't have an immense tempo change towards the end. The song is a nice listen and both singers have delicate vocals that suit this style.

Hoody released "Like You" this week and maybe it's just me, maybe it's this style of music but this woman can sing the phonebook and still make it full of emotion. The song is a slow-jam containing many riffs on the part of the vocalist.

KNK made a comeback with "Back Again" which is being popularly paralleled with 2010-2012 era Kpop. The song has unique attributes that contribute to this image, such as the heavy percussion and electronic sound in the background.

SM Station is building an image of releasing songs of all types and they continue showing this by releasing Yoon Jung-soo & Kim Sook's "You're The Boss" which is a trot song. The song is very attractive sounding and is styled as a lyric app so the lyrics are shown in hangul for those who want to practice their reading skills.

This was actually released in May and I almost forgot about it but Kisum released "2 Beer" this week. One thing I have to say about Kisum is she's very loyal to her rapping style. The song has a catchy chorus and calm verses that are on top of a jazz-themed intrumental.



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