Giveaway setting off June 6th!!!

Hello my anime/Naruto fam! As most of you know I am doing a Naruto theme giveaway personally hosted by me! I have decided that I will set it off this coming Monday and it will last for a week! Read below for more info and rules!

Every day I will have a different theme dealing with the anime Naruto! To enter this Giveaway you have to make a card for each day and theme and make sure (so I don't miss your card!) to TAG ME!!! Also to enter you must be a member of the Naruto community! The cards do not have to be on time they can be made a while later or so but if they're not completed before the giveaway time is up then you will not BE ENTERED in the giveaway. I will be giving away 3 prizes!

There will be a TOP prize then 2 regular prizes the TOP prize will go to the vingler who can make a card I time everyday and makes it really detailed (they will be randomly chosen by an online name shuffler)! The other 2 prize winners will be chosen randomly on an online name shuffler as well!

Prizes below!!!'

The TOP prize will be the winners choice of these items: -A limited edition Naruto collectors book (in Japanese) (pic 1,2) - A set of 6 display weapons from the Naruto series with a necklace (pic 3,4) REAL METAL alloy - A set of 5 display/useable weapons/necklace (pic 5,6,7,8,9) REAL METAL alloy Pictures are in order above in order!

Winners choice of Other 2 prizes are : -Naruto Keychain -Naruto ring

There will be 3 winners in total! Anyone of any age is allowed to enter! This is hosted personally by me so if you have any questions just message me or tag me in the comments!

Giveaway info!

start date: June 6 12:00 pm EST End date: June 13 12:00 pm EST


I will make a collection also for the giveaway!!!!

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