It's Hard to Choose Pt.6

Sorry it took me forever to post this!!

About to go on stage, you and your band members are freaking out. I mean, this is your first time preforming live. Plus you don't know if people liked you, or your group in general. You were scared, but not for long. They call your group to the stage. And you realize, this is where your journey starts. You think to yourself, let's go. You preform the song, and you realize that you should haven't been scared at all! It was actually really fun! Also, while you were preforming, you saw Mark, and when you saw him you may, have almost fell. But don't worry, you didn't fall! After preforming, you were backstage and just sitting there on your phone then someone walks in. It's Mark. "Hey Mark!" , you say, trying not to blush. "You did great! Hey, can I talk to you about what happened when you debuted?", he asks. You nod, wondering if this was the right time to talk about it. "I just want to say, I was really jealous when BamBam asked you out, I've liked you for a long time, I say probably about a year. I was so happy, that I just slipped and kissed you.", he says starting to blush. "I can't believe you've liked me for a year? I want to say something to though, that I started to like you not to long ago...", you say. He looks in shock, and then gets a little smirk on his face. Then he asks the question, "Do you want to go out on a date? " You nod and try to hide your excitement. You were going to meet at the park at 12 tomorrow.

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