Another VKOOK!!

This is so cute and OMG when Jungkook sang "know you love me boy so that i love you" he was referring to Taehyung and that's what rap monster sings!!! 😏😍 OMG!!!! My heart!!!! They are so real!

They so freaking ADORABLE together!!!!! I swear just go out already!! We'll support you shoot we already were with all the vkook shippers but c'mon you'll be doing ya'll and us a favor. We can clearly see the love between them even in taehyung's intense stares at jungkook!!

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P.S I am still working in another MARKSON fanfic!! And I might take long to make cards but its because I'm having problems with my iPhone and charging it. It's not charging as it's suppose to be or it wouldn't charge so I'll try my best in doing it in my laptop!

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