Just go " Filler chapter 2"

So I was writing this as a chapter and it was going to be longer, but alas Jinhwan decided to mess with everyone's feels a little and confuse everyone.


Jinhwan's Pov “ She isn't answering her phone.” Hanbin sighed throwing himself onto the bed next to an unusually quite Bobby. They have been like this since last night nether one bothering to say anything except a few words here and there. “ We finally get a day off and all you do is whine.” I sighed heading for the door without them even batting an eye as I left. I just don't understand how one girl can make them this crazy. What is so great about this girl to make not one, but both of them fall for her without even trying. I was about to find out though as I stood looking up towards her door as I slowly lifted my hand to ring the bell. “ Hey Y/n the doorbell!” I heard a familiar voice yell from the other side of the door. No there is no way he would be here it's silly to even think that. “ Will you answer it I will be down in a second.” Her voice sounded from somewhere inside the house as the door quickly opened. “ Jinhwan why are you here? Wait you know Y/n too?” The mystery man smiled towards me inviting me inside. “ Mino who was it?” She asked running down the stairs as her eyes landed on me. “ Jinhwan?” She asked confused looking towards Mino as he only shrugged his shoulders sitting down as if he had been here many times before. “ What brings you here? Oh god Bobby and Hanbin aren't with you are they?” She asked quickly looking around as if the thought only just hit her. “ No I am alone those two haven't even said a word since last night. Hanbin has called you at least 30 times, and you haven't bother to answer any.” I said while trying to keep my cool I didn't come here to yell at her, but why was Mino here? “ Oh that's because I took her phone away.” Mino smiled as he walked over to Y/n throwing his arms around her lazily. I couldn't take it any longer how dare she not even break up with Hanbin, but have another man over at her house who is all over her. “ I can't believe you managed to make both of them fall in love with you. You are one of the lowest types of people. You are still with Hanbin yet Mino is all over you, and the saddest part it doesn't look like it's the first time either!” I finally exploded making her wince as she looked towards him for support. “ What if it isn't the first?” He smirked from behind her pulling her even closer. “ He trusted you and you turn around betraying him just like that!” I yelled heading for the door as quickly as I could. I had to tell Hanbin. Next thing I knew Mino was pulling me back laughing as he tossed me onto the couch. “ Listen to her will you.” He smiled walking off to block the door I assumed. “ If you have something to say you better talk quickly.” I sighed annoyed not looking towards her. Well that was until she started talking as my eyes grew wide at her story. “ But you can't tell either of them please Jinhwan.” She begged after finishing as Mino came back into the room with a smile. “ Now you understand?” Laughing he sat down across from me. “ I won't tell them, but you can't just ignore them either.” I sighed shaking my head as she let out a sigh of relief. “ Thank you so much Jinhwan!” She smiled quickly pulling me into a hug before she realized what she was doing. “ I should get back to make sure they are still alive.” I awkwardly laughed rubbing the back of my neck heading for the door. The walk back seemed to take a century as I replayed her words over and over again. I almost didn't even hear Bobby and Hanbin talking once I entered the room. “ Hey where have you been?” Hanbin quickly said as if I had been missing for years. “ I just went out for a walk.” I lied turning my head so they couldn't see my face. Why did I just lie to my best friends for this girl I didn't even know. “ We were worried about you you didn't say anything when you left.” Bobby said quickly jumping to Hanbin's side as they both looked towards me. “ Idiots I did tell you, but you have been to busy sulking to pay attention to anything!” I yelled shocking them as they held each other. “ Daddy, Mommy is being scary again.” Hanbin laughed as he hid his face in Bobby's shirt. “ Grow up you two.” I laughed shaking my head while throwing a pillow towards them. Hoping this would be enough to distract them at least for a little while as I glanced towards my phone waiting on a text.


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