I know this is sudden, but it keeps happening to me at school. People say "Koreans are ugly." or "Why do you like Kpop? I don't know what they are saying." Honestly, I have ALOT of people who I can name that are hot to me, but ugly to you. My mom tells me that people don't have to like what you like. But the thing is, they approach me!!!! When people ask you why do you like kpop just say because they don't always rap to stay relevant and just put words together and nor make sense. Also they don't talk about pussy, fucking all night(excuse my language), and skinny girls who for some reason NEEDS to have a butt to be perfect. Not saying all songs in America are like that, but the ones people hear most of the time these days are about all of that. I mean the beats are good, but the words don't make sense whatsoever. So PLEASE correct if I'm wrong, but this is what I feel. Deeply. People think I'm obsessed, but honestly, its just trying to get to know a different culture.

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