That's just blind luck.

Good morning everyone. Today's a bit cloudy but let's kick off the day with a sweet a cup of tea. = Today's expressions for Tue June 7th = 1. That's just blind luck. 그건 순전히 운에 불과해. 2. Once in a while we should try flyin' high. 가끔은 하늘 높이 날아오르려 노력해야 해요. 3. The real question is whether this is all legal. 진짜 핵심은 이 모든 게 적법하냐는 거지. = Let's make a story with today's expressions = B: Hi, Albert. Long time no see. How's it going, your study with your members? A: Well, we have been studying very well and new people have joined us since last week. But, the real question is whether they're committed. And, once in a while they should try flyin' high, however they often give up before they could doing well. B: Yeah, right. First off, they should figure out what they can handle when it comes to studying. Yet, that just use blind luck. They should have attended every single week and never hesitate about speaking in the presence of others, right? A: Yup, you're absolutely right. So, we all need to help each other.

Making mistakes is better than doing nothing.
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