My Exo Biases

Omg I Don't have a lot of biases from EXO (which is good so I won't be fangirling too much.....) but for these three ..... Omg you have no idea how much I love them. They are just beautiful people and as an EXO-L, I will always love and support EXO till the very end. I hope you enjoy this! 😍😍💕💕

EXO's little adorable Penguin, D.O Omg how to being with him .......... He's my favorite vocal singer and actor. He's just amazing in every way that I could think of and what he's been doing for us. It's just ..... Perfect in every way. He cares for us so much and loves us. D.O is just ..... OMG he's just everything to me. Mostly when he sings, I want to cry about how beautiful he can sing. He gave me inspiration to sing more in public, he is best that I know from exo, as well as Baekhyun, Chen, Lay and Chanyeol (these are just my opinion of the best vocals, so don't get mad) these 5 actually...... Gave me inspiration and I hope they gave you inspiration as well to be brave of singing. Yet I think D.O is the best and the most beautiful one in EXO. I Love You D.O ~ 💙🐧

EXO'S Unicorn, Lay Lay .... He's a beautiful person with a beautiful heart like Chanyeol. He may get a bit overboard when he starts being sexy and all (I want to die every time he does) but he's just being a good guy, that he always have. A guy that loves to play around and be too adorable. I swear that he's the cutest one in the group and with the most adorable dimple! I mean look at that dimple! It's just making him look more cuter then ever! Sorry I went overboard there but I love him as well, as much as I do with all the EXO members. He's handsome (yet adorable at the same time), amazingly talented, and so much more that I can't even think of! I wish he gives us many loves for every EXO-L fans but he already has so yeah. I Love You Lay ~ 💙🦄

EXO's Dinosaur, Chen Chen is also one of the best vocals in EXO (such as the ones I said in D.O's box) yet if it were to be in a list, it would have to be D.O, Chen, Baekhyun and Chanyeol (sorry Chanyeol's fan 😪) But however, Chen also has a strong beautiful voice. I enjoy hearing him sing and when he sings with the others ...... It's so beautiful and sometimes emotional to me. He has the best smile and the corner of his mouth makes it so much better. I sometimes wonder if he's even real. He sounds and looks so pure that he's an angel that fell from kpop Heaven and went into this group. He's a talented man with beautiful sound that comes out from his mouth. Even when he talks.... It's just breathless...... I love him and everything he does. I was gonna say that he's the best member but that's something I don't want to say, I believe all the members are the best, to make this beautiful group and to have so many fans.... Us... EXO-Ls to be supporting them and cheering and loving them since debut. We all love them, even when there were 12, we still love them as one. I Love You Chen ~ 💙⚡️ (I couldn't find a dinosaur so I used his power symbol)

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