Your a lesson well learned

I remember you said "I'm gonna love you forever!" How the hell did I fall for that? With your sexy smile and big brown eyes I was a fool to not see beyond that smile Now here I lay "Ain't gonna love not ever" How the hell do I move on? Gotta make my own way without you here I'll figure it out, yes I'll be alright So it's been five months since I last saw you Got a job I love and a place that's mine Now your at my door "Baby I'm sorry, I was wrong!' With your sexy smile and big brown eyes "Baby, did you think I'd really fall for that?" Thanks for all the pain and lies you told I'm stronger now than I've ever been before So I'll forgive the scar you left on my heart But I won't forget what you taught me thus far

Love to read, write, sing, dance and watch anime non-stop that would be it 😄
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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