EXO Alert: Well that took a dark turn...

Honestly if anyone is underrated it is EXO-M...they have the multi-talented Yixing, Minseok who can hit really hit notes and Jongdae who has the voice of the devil and angel combined...So I don't get why the Chinese version is always overlooked...even the Chinese mvs are overlooked...anyway it would take me a day or two to finish ranting about the unfair treatment so moving on...


Ok first things first...these gifs saved kpop guys...EXO-M ain't joking guys they are legit trying to "creep into our hearts"


This had me thinking....maybe its not Chanyeol in the burning car maybe its the SWAT guys...I don't think the members are the victims in the mv...maybe it started out that way, that was until they showed their true selves...


One thing that had me shocked was this scene...(overlooking the fact that Yixing looks HOTTT!!!) He's moving his hands to some beat all the while there are dead bodies behind him...no remorse, no pity, nothing...Nobody can be this chill after getting beat up and then killing someone...

Now this scene had me confused...if they had killed all of them then why are they cuffed??? Did reinforcements come? Was all this a test conducted by the mad scientists? Are they being taken back to the lab to experiment on? Does Lucky One come into play here? I'm sorry if I'm confusing you..maybe I'm analyzing this too much, but I love the feeling of playing Sherlock lol

Annnnnnyway...did any of you see Yixing's vlive??? He was too cute!!! and he was shocked when we thought he was cute (puhlease) He had a Q&A section, played a lot of his compositions including Promise (instant tears) and a song he and Jongdae had worked on...however his broadcast didn't even last an hour...like seriously SM?!?!?! International fans barely get to interact with him...next up is Kyungsoo, and he only has an hour before Xiuchen's broadcast starts so I don't think he will do even an hour 😞😞😞

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