nowadays when you hear the term corrections you either think of prisons or term papers. well today we will stick to the prison definition of the word. when a crime is committed, depending on the severity of the crime, your either fined, sent to probation, or sent to a correctional facility such as a jail or institution. but jails and prisons aren't what they used to be, they are better. for instance, the term penitentiary comes from Quakers who wanted to build solitary confinement places to help the offender get reconnected with God,thereby eliminating unruly behavior since the word penitentiary comes from penitent like a monk. Most prisons today are a giant step forward from their ancient counterparts, now being properly regulated, offering mental health services, better officers, etc etc. whereas the old prisons were rife with disease from pests and bad food, no healthcare, and little to no supervision. however, prisons and jails still have a long way to go thanks to problems such as overcrowded jails and major budget cuts. hopefully these issues will become past problems in our future! join me next time for more, Old News


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