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Thank you for tagging me and I am happy to be part of KpopINT as a supporter.

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My real name is not Jiah it is my Korean name that some friends of mine gave me. They told me that since I love Kpop so much that they gave me a Korean name to match my real name which is Kaylyn. I am in my 5th year of college and have been with kpop for 3 years. Still new to the whole kpop thing however it feels as if i have been with Kpop forever. I look young for my age which is funny when my coworkers ask me what grade i am in. They are shocked when I tell them how old I am.

Top 5 Kpop groups that I just love.

5. Winner


3. Big Bang

2. BTS

1. B2ST

These are the groups that I been listening to none stop. B2ST was my first group that I feel for and then BTS came along. Big Bang was there when I fell for B2ST when I heard "Bad Boy" GOT7 I have been with them since day one same with BTS. Winner I just cant help be love their music, and my favorite song from them lately is "BabyBabyBaby" Even though i am only aloud to place 5 but my other group that is tied in third is B.A.P

First bias is

Junhyung from B2ST

Jimin from BTS is second

Yongguk from B.A.P is third.

I have more than these three however all three of these boys on my top three.

My UB is none other then Junhyung oppa! Lol I fell for his charm when I started to listen to B2ST. What drew me into him being my UB was how much he loves creating music and how each word touches you as if you can relate to the story that is being told. Plus his rapping skills hooked me in. Also his love for Coke as that is also my favorite drink. Lately I have been fighting with Jimin from BTS to stay were he is, as he. everyday, is trying to take over Junhyung spot.

Besides kpop (which everything now these days is all about kpop) I like to read when i have the time. I write a lot a fanfics and you can guess what most of them have within it. (Kpop lol) I also do a lot with art. I have taught myself a lot with art. I'm still learning and even if they look good there are some mistakes.

The reason why i like KpopINT is that i have another way to stay connected with what is going on in the kpop worked. Plus i love when i and tagged i feel happy to be part of something.

I am from Nebraska and there is not even a fellow kpop fan where i live. It is very lonely.

Thank you again for tagging me.

I am almost 30 years old, and I still like KPOP. It's hard to believe that 10 years ago when I started. Now I listen to it and write or read fanfiction. I don't think I will ever grow out of it. Over the years I become a self-taught artist, and my written wrote I mainly on here or on other written formats.
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