This Hot Dog Costs HOW Much?!

Do you know how many things you could buy with a $100 bill? That's some new clothes or maybe a dinner for two at the city's fanciest restaurant. That's a hair cut AND a man-pedi. That's premium seats at the local baseball stadium. Man, that's 100 things at the 99 Cents Only store - with change left over!

But drop $100 at Australia's Maille Mustard Mobile truck, and you can try the Haute Dog, the priciest frank on the continent.

For $100, you might be expecting something with a little more.

There's not much to the Haute Dog. It's a brioche-style bun, a locally-sourced Angus beef frankfurter, and topped with a thick 'squiggle' of the truck's signature mustard.

Now, what if I told you it was the MUSTARD that made this so expensive?

Apparently, Maille is like the fine caviar of condiments - aside from, you know, actual fine caviar. This artisanal mustard is infused with an oil made from Perigord black truffles, customarily priced at around $2,500 per shroom. That's some serious business!

According to Joe Barrs, Maille's Australian brand ambassador, the mustard's got quite the impressive cult following in his homeland:

"It is a very tasty, very sought after mustard. We had a tub of it air freighted to us about a month ago, and we've sold out."

Would the mustard's esteem and popularity be enough to get you wanting to buy a Haute Dog for yourself?

Let me know in the comments below!

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