Has A.R.M.Y gone mad?!

A few hours ago in Taiwan BTS landed in the airport and were pushed, trampled, pulled, and basically beaten. These boys are lucky to have their lives. The A.R.M.Y in Taiwan went absolutely crazy and they almost severely injured the artists. The managers and security guards did their best to keep the fans from hurting BTS, but some fans got through. Yoongi had to fight of a fan and was eventually pushed by his own manager, Jimin was pushed down ( or fell) and was almost trampled to death, and in the video if you watch Jhope's face it tells it all.

Now BigHit wrote wrote a notice in Korean, Thai and English. They are telling the fans to stop because it has been hurting BTS and the other fans. A.R.M.Y needs to check themselves because the fandom is getting out of control. The fans may be excited to see the band but they have to treat then as HUMANS. A.R.M.Y should ABSOLUTELY NOT resort to pushing, shoving, pulling, slapping, scratching, or etc. to get the idols attention. Please treat BTS kindly and please respect the boys. They are more worried about the fans than them.

[trans] Jimin: Ecenthough I fell I am worried about the fans behind me but most important thing is that alot of people came to see us.

These boys love A.R.M.Y so A.R.M.Y needs to respect then like they respect you.

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