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Hey yo Wassup! Reporter Taemi here!Kpopint"Latest Song Day!".

Got7 ~ FLY

Let's go fly with got7!March 21st, 20165th mini album "Flight Log: DepartureBy the way, On Monday, the theme was "Debut Song Day" & I discussed Got7's debut song "Girls Girls Girls"! They have grown so much! Got7 is getting more popular every day & their songs just keep on getting better! Hwaiting!!Got7 Debut Song!

Dynamic Duo ~ 도돌이표(Repeat Sign),  J.O.T.S. (feat. Nafla), & 꿀잼(Jam)

The amazing duo, Dynamic Duo!! yass!Repeat Sign, J.O.T.S, & Jam"Grand Carnival"November 17th, 2015.

도돌이표(Repeat Sign)

Chilled, nice song, & the beat is smooth!

J.O.T.S. (feat. Nafla)

(MV Released: November 16th, 2015)


(MV Released: November 16th, 2015)In Korea, "Jam" means "Fun".

Twice ~ Cheer Up

(MV Released: April 24th, 2016)


(MV Release: June 1st, 2016)

Well that is all for now!! Do you like any of these songs?!

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