Close To My Heart {Joonie}

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It was summer in Korea, which only meant one thing. Heat. It had to have been one of the hottest days yet, nearly broiling, and yet you and your fianceé had agreed not to turn on the AC for more than so much time per day. When you both made the agreement, you never even imagined it would get this hot.

So here you were instead, in your home with the curtains closed, and some fans going full force. You were sprawled out across the floor, wondering what Namjoon was doing. Probably sitting in a nice air conditioned room, recording with the boys. The thought made you mildly vengeful, but it was quickly gone when you heard the chimes of the door.

“Waah~ Jagiya!” he whined as he entered the sitting room. You smirked at him from your position sprawled across the floor. You knew he wasn’t expecting it to be that hot in there. He was wearing some short, and a tank top, but from your place on the floor, you could see that he was still sweating.

“Bet you regret coming home early, don’t you?” you snorted. He groaned and threw himself on the floor next to you. Just laying next to you, you could feel the heat radiating from his body. “Do you want a cold wash cloth?” you asked.

“Yes please,” he sighed. He looked so tired, and almost kind of weak, which was something new for you. He was always strong, reliable, adn resourceful. You would have to remember to keep an eye on him, or he could get really sick. Forcing yourself up from the floor, you went to the bathroom and wet two wash cloths with icy water. You tied one around your own neck, immediately feeling some sort of relief from the heat. Walking back out into the sitting room, you saw Namjoon breathing kind of hard.

“Here you go,” you said, handing him the cloth. He tied it around his neck and let out an audible sigh of relief. Deciding that he need to cool down some more, you ran to the kitchen and pulled out some cold water bottled from the freezer. They had only been in there a couple of hours, but half was still frozen so you deemed it good enough. You were heading back to lay with Namjoon, but when you got to the doorway, you froze. He had stripped off his tank top, and was sprawled openly across the floor.

You bit your lip as you took him in. His caramel skin was flawless, so smooth and rich. You just wanted to plant your lips on him, but you knew it was just too hot for that. Your eyes never left his sculpted body as you approached him the water. Most people only saw Jimin when it came to sexy bodies in Bangtan, but you knew better. Namjoon may not be as sculpted, but you could see some definition in his body. His collarbones were very well defined, and his shoulders were to die for. You stood over him for a moment, before holding one of the bottles over his chest. They were already dripping with condensation, and some ice cold droplets fell right onto his chest.

“That’s cold,” he suddenly jerked. You laughed as he sat up and gave you a pouty look. He took the cold water from you, and took a swig before falling back onto the floor. You sat next to him and took small sip of your water, the ice melting inside faster than you thought. Your hands were all wet from the water bottle, so you decided to continue your antics, and wipe your cold wet hands on Namjoon’s chest. He yelped at the sensation, and all you could do was throw your head back and laugh. That was probably the worst thing for you to do though. As soon as you looked away, he unscrewed the cap on his water and poured it on you.

You gasped as the icy water rushed over you, and then gave Namjoon a filthy look. He was laughing so hard, the sound echoing in the room. But you were not about to be bested by him, and did the same in return. He gasped and jumped from the floor as you drenched him. You both froze and just stared at each other, before bursting out laughing.

“I should get these wet clothes off,” Namjoon said, and you stared at him with a heated gaze as he slowly started to unbutton his shorts. The tease knew you would be watching him, thinking things as he slowly strips himself. Not to be bested by him, you too stood and slowly started stripping. You both eyed each other as layers disappeared, and then all you were left in was your underwear. You were about to say something about how sexy he is until you sneezed by surprise. You both froze, and then Namjoon chuckled.

He nicely picked up all the clothes from the floor, mopping up little bits of water, before heading into the bedroom. You stood frozen in place, wondering what he was doing. He finally re-emerged with some shorts on, and he was holding one of his big tank tops. He held it out to you so you could slip the warm, dry piece of cloth over your head.

Much to your surprise, Namjoon merely took your hand and laid with you on the couch. You thought for a moment that it would be nearly too hot to do so, but realizing the coolness of the ater, and the lack of clothing, helped out a lot with the heat, you were both able to comfortably relax.

It wasn’t long before you were drifting to sleep, laying against Namjoon, who was also on his way to sleep. Your head was resting on his chest, just above his heart, and the soothing beat out you to sleep.

Namjoon watched you fondly as you slept, completely taken by your beauty and brains He loved everything there was about you, and wouldn’t trade you for anything or anyone else. He swept some fo the hair from you face, and you wrinkled your nose a little. He chuckled at your cute expression and sighed.

“Stay close to my heart forever, okay?” he whispered. Even if you didn’t hear what he said, the promise was already made.


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