The Piano Teacher

Ch. 8

Finally, dinner was over and Yoongi and I were alone again on the train. I was sitting by the window looking out watching the people saying their goodbyes to their loved ones or seeing their loved ones after a while. I had been quiet during dinner and only spoke to decline the offer Jimin gave.


“No thanks, I would rather not.” I said as my mother was giving me a dirty look. I look at her with a small smile then I go back to playing with my food twisting the pasta around the fork.

“They really would love for a collaboration with the both of us Y/N, I can’t do it without you.” Jimin said. I just ignored his plea and shrugged my shoulders. “Think about it okay, don’t automatically dismiss it.” Jimin begged with me and gave him his puppy eyes. In the past it would have been hard for me to deny him, but now it came easily.

“Yoongi and I have to get back. It was nice to see you again Jimin.” I say as Yoongi and I stand up, giving a small fake smile to Jimin. “I’ll call you tomorrow mother.” Yoongi and I walk away. I hear my mother as I walk away.

“I’m so sorry Jimin, I don’t know who that man is she brought with her, and I’ll make sure to convince her about the festival.” She explains. I just roll my eyes, Yoongi takes my hand and intertwines his fingers with mine and smiles at me. I smile back. Jimin is watching us leave and he notices our hands and he has an irritated look on his face.

*End flashback*

“I’m sorry for dragging you along with me. I knew someone was coming I wasn’t expecting him.” I explain to Yoongi as I finally look away from the window and look at him. Yoongi was just watching me with his hands folded in his lap.

“So what’s on your mind, you’re being quite?” I finally get the nerve to ask him. Yoongi just replies with a smile.

“Nothing, just thinking of what song I should play any suggestions? He asks. I think for a minute.

“Yes I have one, The Heart Asks Pleasure First/The Promise. Do you know that one?” I ask him. Yoongi nods his head in reply.

“You’re lucky, I had to learn a bunch of OST’s when I was going to school.” He smiles. He leans in for a kiss.

We kiss passionately forgetting we were on the train until someone advises us that we were at the train station and we were sitting in their seat. We stop making out and apologize for our PDA and get off the train. Running hand in hand towards my car.

When we get to his house he invites me to stay of course I accept. We walk into the house after he places the top hat by the gate again.

“Would you like some wine?” he asks. I nod my head in response. Yoongi disappears to get the wine. I get up from the chair Yoongi had set out for me and walk over to the piano and lightly touch the keys, bringing up memories of Yoongi and I playing duets on this piano brings a smile to my face. I’m lost in thought when I feel arms wrapping around me and a small kiss on my neck just right under my ear. Then a deep whisper.

“Well, I know we just met up again, and this may seem sudden, but would you date me?” Yoongi asks. I turn to look him in the eyes with a big smile on my face.

“Yes.” Was my answer to him and he smiled from ear to ear and kissed me. I walk to my seat and enjoyed my private concert.

After Yoongi finished playing he went to retrieve the hat that had some money in it. When he comes back in he places the hat on the piano and sitting across from me on the coffee table.

“Y/N can I ask who that man was that showed up to dinner with your parents?” Yoongi asks. I was dreading this question.

“When I moved to Seoul after my grandmother passed, he was the first person I met, he helped me and we became friends in high school. We became really close when we both went to Julliard, we dated for 3 years.” I explain Jimin’s relationship with me, and Yoongi doesn’t look happy.

“I thought he was a nice guy, but he was actually a player. Why I never noticed it before we started dating I don’t know. He’s actually the only boyfriend I’ve had.” I continue. Yoongi listens and nods his head every now and then and he has his head bent down looking at his hands as he rubs his thumb across his palm, massaging it.

“But enough about him, I don’t like to think about him. I’m more interested in a certain piano teacher.” I say with a wink and smile. Yoongi looks up from his hands at that moment with a smile.

Yoongi and I talk well into the night, forgetting about the time until I find myself dozing off while Yoongi was talking. Yoongi looks at me and smiles. He takes the wine glass from my hand and places it on the table. He looks down at my dress and see’s I’ve spilled wine on it. He places his arm under my neck and his other arm under my legs and carries me to his bedroom. Yoongi lays me on my side, walks away to his closet and pulls out an oversized white T-shirt and walks back towards me sitting me up, he places the shirt over my head and puts my arms through the sleeves.

He pulls the shirt down and sees that it goes to my knees, so he unzips my dress and slowly and carefully pulls it off. Yoongi was amazed with all of this going on I didn’t wake up through it, wine tends to make me extra sleepy and when I fall asleep after drinking it, it’s like I’m in a coma. Once he has finished with dressing me, he covers his coverlet over me and wipes my hair away from my face kissing softly on my lips.

“Goodnight, Y/N.” Yoongi says before he walks away into the living room and grabs a pillow and blanket from the linin closet in the hall, he was sleeping on the couch. He was a complete gentleman.

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