K-Idols with tattoos pt. 2

Continuation of my card about k-idols with tattoos.

#20 Miss A's Jia

#21 Super Junior's Sungmin

#22 Lee Hyo Ri

#23 F(x)'s Amber

#24 4Minute's Hyuna

#25 JYJ's Yoochun Meaning: "Always keep the faith" "My jaejung Yuhwan Junsu"

#26 Nicole

#27 Kahi

#28 Block B's Jaehyo

#29 Se7en

#30 Joo Young

#31 iKon'a Bobby

#32 iKon's Hanbin

#33 2ne1's CL

#34 Kris

#35 FTISLAND's Seunghyun

**BONUS** Since I forgot one of Beown Eyed Girl's Miryo 🙈🙈

So which idol(s) tattoos do you love?! Are there any more idols that I might've missed that have tattoos?

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