Giveaway Day 3 Favorite Villain

My favorite villain would have to be Nagato just because he put his faith in Naruto even though he went through so much pain. To put your faith in a person who you just met is very hard and respectful. Although I did not like how he killed Jiriya, that was just messed up. I also liked how he gave his life in order to revive everyone in the village just because Naruto convinced him that he could change the shinobi world. I guess I just like how he went from being someone who was bad to someone who did good. That is my favorite villain,@tayhar18920 Sorry about it being late, My wifi is messed up and the only reason I was able to do day 3 and 4 is because I am at a friends house. So I may not be able to do Fridays but it's whatever.

I love to collect Pokemon cards and I love watching anime although I do not read manga but I do want to start. I've watched quite a few anime and love exploring new ones.
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