"Hanging by a Rope" JongHyun (19+)


You definitely weren’t prepared for this. You sat backstage as you watched Jonghyun grab a handful of Taemins hair.

Nope. You really weren’t prepared for this.

“Wait a second, are those…? That ass."

"Who are you talking to? And what are you talking about?” You jumped at the sound of Key in your ear.

“Well, Kibum if you must know, I’m talking to myself and I am talking about the handcuffs that Jonghyun is currently flaunting.” He nodded, “I see. And what exactly about the handcuffs makes him an ass?"

"We use them during sex.” You turned to look at him with an as-a-matter-of-fact face. Key smiled, “I know. I can hear you through the walls."

You rolled your eyes. "I would like those cuffs to not be in every little girls fanfiction, you know.”

“Why not? Dont want to read about Jong restraining some other girl while he fucks her senseless?”

“Could you be anymore crude?” Both of you turned to look at Minho and Key smirked. “Says the one who has a plethora of whips in his closet.”

“Why are we talking about whips?”

“I’m glad you asked Jinki, are you finally coming around.”

“This conversation has taken a complete u-turn.” You turned back to the stage, only to find Jonghyun and Taemin walking off at the other end of the stage.

“You pervs made me miss the show.”

“Just think about that sentence and if we are really the pervs or not.” You glared at Minho before laughing. “Come on, let’s go find your boyfriend. So you

can fuss at him about the handcuffs.”

“Thank you Jinki, for being the only normal one.” You linked your arm through his before walking off, leaving the other two behind to talk about who knows what.

You knew when you came across a shirtless Taemin, you were close. “Which way did Jong go?” Taemin pointed behind him before walking off, face in his phone. “Probably texting Kai.”

You kept walking until you got to the other end of the stage, without a sign of your boyfriend. “Where the hell is he?” You turned to make another round when a hand clamped down over your mouth and another wrapped around your waist, pulling you backwards.

You tried to pull away but they were stronger than you and you were pulled into a dark room.

“Stop moving.”


“Hush. We have a little while baby, and I’m going to enjoy it.” He pulled your shirt over your head and unclipped your bra, tossing both. “Arms up.” You raised your arms to face level, and you felt something being wrapped around your wrists.

“Do you know what I was thinking about on that stage? Hmm? I know you recognized the cuffs. The entire time on stage I was thinking about the last time we fucked. All those soft moans that left your pretty lips, the small sighs, the arch of your back. I thought about the way you pulled on the cuffs. About the way your legs trembled on my shoulders and I teased that pretty little clit of yours. Do you know how good you taste? Like sin. You taste everything heaven declared impure. But Heaven must be missing out because I could eat you for a 3 course meal.”

“Jong..” Your hands were hooked on something above you and no pulling on the rope was going to make it come lose. The lights were still off in the room and you were a little afraid and a lot turned on, and the way Jonghyun spoke had you dripping.

“Hush now baby, I’m not done. You do taste divine, but nowhere as perfect you feel. Your skin is so soft,” his hands were on your hips, rubbing circles with his thumbs. “Your skin is so warm. I can’t wait to fuck you.” He moved his hands to the front of your pants, making quick work of the button and zipper before sliding them and your underwear down. You felt his hands on the back of your thighs, “hold on baby.” He put your legs on his shoulders, and the only thing that stopped you from falling was the rope holding you up.

You held on to it for life as Jonghyun licked a strip up your folds and groaned. “If this is sin, I’ll pay for a first class ticket to hell.”

You let out a strangled moan as he nipped at your clit before sucking on it. He tortured you with kitten licks and your abdominal muscles strained as you tried to roll your hips against his face.

“Please, please, please oh god, Jong please.”

“Please what baby? What do you need?”

“You. I need you. I need your cock. I need you to fuck me. God please just fuck me.”

“What’s the magic word?” He put you back on your feet, and as you wobbled you could hear him shuffling out of his jeans.

“I love you, I love you, I love- fuuuuuck.” You pulled on the rope as Jonghyun eased himself into you. “This, this is what I thought about. Your heat, the way it grips me.”

“Stop talking and move.”

“Be careful what you wish for.” He pulled out and snapped his hips into yours. He hit that spot that had you seeing stars and he knew it. He set a pace hitting that spot each time, and it wasn’t long before you would be seeing stars.

“I’m close.”

“I know. Come for me baby. Let me hear you.” He lifted your hips and you moaned as he went deeper. “Fuck, fuck, fuck-” you screamed as your orgasm hit you. Jonghyun came right after you, rolling his hips as the two of you rode out your orgasms.

He reached up and unhooked your arms, catching you before you fell backwards on the ground. “Are you okay?” You nodded as he undid the rope and rubbed the welts on your wrists. He helped you get dressed before getting dressed himself.


“Yes baby?”

“I can’t walk. Piggy back ride?” He laughed, and you walked towards the sound, leaning on his back and he wrapped your legs around him and held onto them. You slung your arms over his shoulders, the blood rushing back through them made you wince.

“Wait. What happened to the cuffs?” You asked as he opened the door, the light making you shut your eyes for a moment before getting adjusted.

“He broke them.” You reopened them to find Taemin and Minho outside the room. “You were exceptionally loud this time. I think the fans heard you.”

“Good. Now maybe they won’t write about my boyfriend fucking them restlessly.”

















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