"Say It" MinHo (19+)


“Say it.” Minho poked you in your cheek, his body facing you on the couch as he squinted his eyes at you, trying to draw your attention away from the game you were playing.

“In your dreams.” You retaliated, your fingers working overtime on your small receiver, half paying attention to your boyfriend, who’s finger was still positioned on the side of your supple skin.

He pulled back, sighing, and let himself fall back into the couch pillows, dramatically placing his hand over his heart as he let out a long groan, a spectacle you weren’t even paying attention to.

“My heart, y/n.” He quipped from the side of you, only further trying to divert your attention.

“Your heart what?” You murmured back at him, your eyes zeroing in as the speed of your game increased.

“It hurts.”

“Why?” You half halfheartedly asked, knowing the reason already.

“You won’t say it.”

“Say what.”


Your fingers paused over your game for only a second, your eyes squinting together as the word fell from Minho’s mouth, trying to collect yourself to give back a response.

“Because I don’t want to.” You finally shot back, shrugging your shoulders as you fired one last shot on your game, smiling to yourself as you moved up a level.

“Why not? It’s not like I’m asking you to do something weird, like-”

You cut him off, putting one of your hands up to cover his mouth, your other finger still diligently tapping away at your game.

“Shut up, Minho.”

His warm mouth moved against your hand as he began to poke his tongue out, moving it across your skin as you let out a sigh and took your hand away, wiping it on his jeans as you felt him lean closer to you, your attention still completely focused on the game.

“I bet I can make you say it.” Minho smirked from his seat next to you, causing your face to scrunch up as you fired again on your game, your heart skipping a beat as you tried to play it cool, pulling your face back into a bored expression as you said nothing, not wanting to edge him on anymore.

You felt him move his legs and swing them away from you, his body’s weight being lifted from the couch as he got up, your cushion pushing you up as you continued to ignore whatever he was up to in favor of your game.

“Ahh, look at the time, 8 already?” Minho asked the empty air, stretching his arms above his head, and when you flicked your eyes to survey him, a sliver of his abs exposed in the cool air caused you to immediately lower your gaze again, humming in response to his question.

He let both his arms go, his body going lax as her turned to face your seated form, your fingers still idly pressing in tune to your game, only a little irked at his sudden intense staring.

“Is that game really that interesting?” He questioned, inching only a little closer to you.

You still didn’t say anything, knowing he was up to something and opting to not play along.

“More interesting than…” His tone suddenly dropped as he closed the last few inches so that his fingers could place themselves on your knees that were pressed together, dropping to squat as your fingers tapped harder on your game, trying your hardest to ignore him still.

“More interesting than me?” He whispered loudly enough for you to hear, as his fingers began to poke at your knees, his hands slipping inside as he began to pry your legs open slowly, your stomach heating up against your will as you tried to seem unbothered by his actions.

“Hmmm?” He hummed, once he got your knees pried open enough, his body sliding in as he maneuvered himself around your slightly shaky phone, his chest pushing your arms and screen closer to your eyes as he brought his lips close to your neck as his hands came up the sides of your thighs, rough hands on smooth skin as he pressed in closer.

“M-Minho my game.” You weakly stated, feeling your phone buzz from the repeated shots you were taking, your health depleting as you completely abandoned it, your body screaming at you to focus on your boyfriends hands.

“Forget your game.” He mumbled, pulling back as your hands lowered, his body facing you as he grasped your phone, to which you weakly gave up, his thumb locking it and tossing it to the side as your arms fell to your side.

“Wouldn’t you rather play with me instead?” He offered, laying you back gently on the couch as you stared at him, still crouched between your knees.

His eyes were looking down as he continued to massage your thighs, biting his lip harshly as his pinkies came up to twirl themselves in the fabric of your black shorts, your chest heaving as your attention was completely diverted to him.

“Wouldn’t you?” He asked again, his fingers popping the button to your shorts as he reached down to place a kiss on your exposed stomach, roughly pulling down your shorts as you gasped, opening your mouth as you lifted your ass to let him pull them down easier, Minho tossing your shorts to the side roughly as you were left in your dark blue underwear, your shirt apparently in the way as he reached down to rip that off too, your body tingling as you felt your bare skin hit the air, as Minho stared at you with dark eyes, his breath coming out in harsh gasps.

His hands came out to caress the insides of your thighs, goosebumps raising on either side as his fingers played daringly close to your core. He adjusted his head so that he was facing your heat directly, as you watched with wide eyes as his mouth got closer until his warm lips pressed against the outside of your panties, causing you to gasp loudly and fist your hands in the cushion as his heat began to raise your own.

“M-Minho-” you breathed, as his tongue came to dart out against your panties, his tongue switching between points and a flat lick as he wet the entire outside of your underwear. Your head shaking from side to side as you struggled to watch him, trying to find the right words to beg him to eat at your actual core instead, he answered half your request by suddenly pulling your panties down to your ankles, the wet fabric weighing them down as your wet slit was finally exposed to him, the cold air causing you to cry out.

“Oh you look so good, y/n.” He whispered in a gravely voice, his eyes focused on your wetness both from his tongue and your natural juices that caused you to shine.

“I want to taste you so badly.” He expressed sadly, shaking his head as he leaned further away from your core, causing your eyebrows to bunch up and your mouth open I surprise.

“W-where are you going?” You asked him, his eyes darting between you and your slit as one of his fingers came up to softly trace around you, completely ignoring the parts that matter.

“I was gonna go lay down, I don’t feel like I have enough encouragement to do this.” He finally sighed, sighing a hot breath that reached your wetness, your hips lifting up in desperation as the hotness in your core was becoming to much to process.

“Please.” You whimpered, knowing where he was going with this but wanting nothing more than release from him.

“Please what?” He fake yawned, his finger still caressing the sides of your lips as his other hand began to smooth up your stomach to your breasts, his attention focused on your mouth.

“Please Minho.” You tried, getting more impatient and turned on from the begging and from his wandering fingers.

“Ah, not good enough y/n. Try one more time.” He drew back one of his hands, as his body began to shift further from yours.

Your eyes shut as your body focused on his hands, your core screaming at you to just say it as you began to open your mouth, Minho’s breathing the only other thing you were focusing on.

“Please…please, oppa.” You whimpered finally, your eyes opening just in time to catch the glimmer that erupted in his eyes, as his distance closed up, his head once again positioned where it had been earlier, the excitement making it harder for you to breath.

“One more time.” He asked you, his breath dangerously close to your slit as he flicked out his tongue to lick along his lips.

Your resolve gone, you went limp as your mouth opened to repeat the words, desperate to get Minho to touch you.

“Please. M-minho-oppa.”

You sucked in a large breath of air as you felt his warm wet tongue suddenly plunge inside of you, your legs tensing up as the contact caused you to seize up from the sudden immense pleasure he was giving you. His tongue worked in circles and in a flat sweeping motion as his mouth caressed your skin around you, the only sounds in the room being your heavy gasps and Minho eating you out thoroughly.

The typical heat coil that you felt in the pit of your stomach was beginning to be too much to deal with, especially as your eyes opened to spot Minho palming himself through his jeans as he sucked in your clit. His mouth murmuring against your skin.

“Oh fuck.” You gasped, as one of his other fingers made their way inside of you, as he pumped back and forth with his hand, fiercely adding more as the tightness grew continuously, your mouth whining out as he moved his mouth from your core on last time.

“Keep saying it.”

And he dove right back in, continuously lapping at you and licking with the same urgency as before.

“Keep going, Minho, ah, oppa, please.” You whined, your eyes squeezed shut as you began to feel the familiar warmth of an orgasm began to blossom inside of you.

“Oh-oh my god, please, oppa.” You mumbled, not even knowing how to form coherent sentences as his tongue darted across your wet clit and two of his fingers curved up into you as he continuously slipped in and out of your walls.

“I’m comin-oh fuck,-” you tried to warn him, as your orgasm came crashing into you, your stomach tightening as you felt your body began to empty juices into the couch you would worry about later. As Minho’s tongue never stopped working except to hear you say it one more time.

With one last loud cry, you said what he wanted to hear the most as you came down from your rush, feeling Minho pull his fingers out of you as he stood back on his heels, smirking at you when you finally opened your eyes, them bulging at him licking his fingers clean of you, as his mouth opened and you struggled to listen to him through the blood rushing from your ears.

“Told you I’d make you say it.”

















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