Fly me Away! Part 15

Instead I would like to say a few words, which I never thought I would actually have to do. It may burst a bubble and I'm sorry in advance! I'll un bold as to make it a softer blow.

Thank you for reading! I know plane ride almost done! just a few more chapters left to go! And now for the story! “So what is another question?” Jin asked guiding the conversation back on track. I looked down at my sheet and went further down towards the either or section. “Okay how about this, Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind or never speak again ?” I asked the question. “I feel as if it would be easy to answer” I added after reading it. “But than again I say everything that’s on my mind” I shrugged which made a handful of people laugh. “I would keep my mouth shut. Some of the thoughts I have just aren’t up for sharing with the general public” Trinity said thinking about it even as she spoke. “But than again to some people I would have a problem speaking my mind too” she added. “Well are there more people you don’t care what think of you or more you would care knowing what you really think?” I asked her. “Probably more people that I care, guess that means I’d take keeping my mouth shut” she sighed. “Damn me and knowing to many people” she added. “Not to mention in this situation I would hate to have everyone know what I was thinking” She mumbled. I heard, I laughed. “I would want to say everything that’s on my mind” Suga said. “Which would be a bunch of goofy crap” Namjoon laughed. “I’d be okay with speaking” Kooki said next. “I think about sleep a lot” he said in a goofy voice. “I would talk about food if I spoke my mind” Jin said. “I’d choose not talking” Namjoon said. “That’s because you do that already, with your deep thinking all the time” Jimin commented. “Can I be on guard with what I say?” Jimin questioned. “Nope whatever your mind conjours up is what comes out of your mouth” I told him. “I would do it” Daniella said. “I would hate to keep quiet all the time. Less painful to talk than to be silent” she said. “I’d stay silent. There are too many things I would want to say to my teachers that I know I can’t” Panther said. “Been there. Oh that would be disastrous if I ended up calling my teacher the old witch of wall street.” I laughed remembering what we called one of the teachers I had. Panther chuckled. “We called our business law teacher Mr.Toppee” he laughed. “He had a toppee that was always flopping up and down” he explained. “Okay okay I have one” Trinity said pipping up. “Would you rather live without music or without TV?” she asked. “That’s a tough one” I said. “I can’t give up my kdrama’s I whined. But I love music” I added. “I would give up TV. I cannot live without music” Namjoon said. Suga threw an arm around his shoulder. “But we can watch ourselves on TV” he said poking Namjoon on the cheek. “You pick tv?” he asked. Suga laughed. “NO I sing. Music is my soul” he said. “Oh my, you sound serious all of a sudden” I commented looking at him. “Suga is very passionate about his music” Namjoon said. “That would be a good thing” I admitted. “Okay okay, I choose music, and since youtube doesn’t count as tv I can still watch music videos” Trinity said making me laugh. “I’m going to be unlike you. I’d give up music and watch tv. I’d get to see kdrama and still be able to listen to music throughout tv. Plus I get the news and educational shows. Don’t diss the documentaries” I brushed my shoulder off in a gesture. “Jen got you started on those didn’t she?” trinity asked making me laugh. “She made me watch four hours of this history channel, what do you think?” I questioned making her laugh harder. “I would say tv. I love my kdrama’s to much to give them up” Daniella said from across the aisle. “Right, it’s hard to give them up” I nodded in her direction. “Music, who needs tv”Panther said. I looked towards the others but they had officially gotten bored with us and were doing their own things. “Majority is give up TV and music rules!” Trinity said laughing. Several more questions got answered through the book. There was little breaks in between until the list of would you rather ran out, six questions in total were answered.


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