Beneath the Dragon Scales

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Part 1

Part 2

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Jen and Sailynn bolted towards Katy the moment she walked into the suite and shut the door behind her, both of them eager to find out the details of what had happened during Katy's alone time with Ji-Yong.

Katy looked at her friends then sighed long and hard, “I would love to hate you guys but I think I hate myself more at the moment.”

The two girls exchanged worrisome looks.

“What do you mean?” Sailynn asked.

“Spill those beans K,” Jen demanded.

Katy sighed again, drawing out her breath for a more dramatic effect then sank down to the floor and buried her face into her knees, “we made plans to hang out and everything but....”

The two girls crept closer.

“But I forgot to ask for his number!” Katy exclaimed.

Jen and Sailynn looked at each other once more and burst into laughter, clinging onto each other for support to stay on their feet.

“Yaah!” Katy jumped back up, “don't laugh! You've both been mean to me all night!”

Jen let go of Sailynn and placed a hand on Katy's shoulder, “girl, I thought you were going to say that you tripped in front of him or something!”

“I thought she was going to say that she confessed her undying love to him and tried to kiss him!” Sailynn laughed harder.

Katy looked at her friends with a straight face, “well yes and no. I didn't confess my love nor did I try to kiss the man, but I did confess that we knew who he was, along with knowing who his brothers were too because we were VIPs ourselves.”

The two girls stopped laughing immediately and stared at their friend in horror.

“What!?!” they screamed in perfect unison.

Katy shrugged and brushed Jen's hand off her shoulder, “good luck explaining that to your oppas.”

“W-what did G-GD say?” Sailynn whispered in a shaky voice.

Jen turned to Sailynn, “Obviously nothing good by the way she walked in! We basically lied by pretending to be foreigners oblivious to their fame!”

“Don't say that!” Sailynn whined. “K, tell me that GD was cool about it, tell me that you didn't actually say that. Tell me that I still have a shot with the man that stole my heart and soul!”

Jen threw her arms around Sailynn, “Daesungie, my sweet sweet Daesungie! He's going to hate me forever for lying to his face like that! I'm never going to see that heart stopping eye smile in person ever again!” she cried.

Katy rolled her eyes and turned away to hide her grin, “chill, it's not that bad.”

Sailynn scoffed, “you don't understand, Tabii-oppa and I had a special Bingu spark! I had an actual spark with the most perfect human being on the planet!”

“And that angel! K, I'm never going to see an angel on earth again until I die, and even then, I'll never see an angel like him in heaven because he'll be on a whole different level since he's an original angel!” Jen kept crying.

Katy began to snicker but gradually increased into full blown laughter, making the two girls lift their heads in confusion.

“Guys, relax,” Katy smiled when her laughter settled. “He was really chill about it. Actually thanked me- well, us, for not being crazed fans.”

“So that means,” Jens began but quickly turned back to Sailynn and immediately started to jump up and down with her as they fangirled like 13year-olds.

“You're horrible!” Sailynn hissed.

“Why did you lie to us?” Jen added.

“I didn't lie, you two just jumped to conclusions right off the bat. But that's karma for laughing at me when I said I forgot to ask for his number.”

Jen grinned, “don't worry, I'll get it for you.”

Sailynn smacked Jen's arm, “J, did you forget that K told GD that we knew who they were?! We gotta jump over that hurdle first!”

Jen gasped, “crap, you're right. Damn, we're screwed!”

Katy yawned, “well, it's been a long day and I'm still feeling the jet lag from earlier so I'm hitting the hay.”

Sailynn sighed, “yeah, me too. It's best we all get our rest.”

The girls exchanged good nights and departed to their own bedrooms.

Katy settled into her bed comfortably and closed her eyes, replaying all the events that too place since they landed in Seoul, then passing out with Ji-Yong's smile on her mind.


The sun shined brightly into Katy's windows, making her toss and turn when the light began to hit her face. Her eyes opened slowly, she yawned and stretched then climbed out of bed and dragged her sleepy body to the shower.

When she emerged form her bedroom, Jen was already making breakfast in the kitchen, filling the suite with the sweet scent of sausage links and pancakes.

“Sleep well?” Jen asked.

Katy nodded her head, then looked around, “Where's S?”

Jen shrugged then pointed to a small folded note stuck onto the refrigerator, “she left a note saying she would be out and didn't know for how long.”

“What time is it?”

Jen checked her phone, “close to noon.”

“Think she's alright?” Katy asked, grabbing the plate that Jen had handed to her.

Jen smirked, “it's S. We should be more worried about the people around her and not her physical self.”

Katy laughed along with Jen until they heard the door click open. They stopped and listened as the door shut with a second click and kept their eyes on the hallway.

Sailynn froze the moment she saw her friends and turned bright red. “H-hi,” she smiled shyly.

“What's with the smug look?” Katy smirked.

Jen grinned, “it makes us think that you've been up to no good, so tell us, where did you go so early, hmmm?”

“Nowhere....” Sailynn muttered.

“Spill it!” the girls demanded.

Sailynn squeezed her eyes shut and clutched her hands into fists, “IwenttobreakfastwithTabiioppa.”

“WHAT!” Jen shouted.

“No way!” Katy gasped.

“You're lying!”

“Did he kidnap you or vice versa?”

"One sticker at a time, S. Once sticker at a time."

"Say something!"

“Pics or it didn't happen!”

“I don't have pics but I have proof!” Sailynn pulled out her phone and scrolled through her texts, then flashed her phone to her friends for them to read.

“'well anyways, I am going to this new cafe tomorrow and I was wondering if you'd like to join me for breakfast?'” the girls read out loud.

Sailynn drew her phone back and shoved it in her pocket, “ha.”

“Well don't just say that! Spill those beans!” Jen exclaimed.

“How was it?” Katy urged.

“What did you two talk about?”

“Did he pick you up?”

“Did he kiss you?!”

Sailynn snorted, “do you think I'd be standing here in one piece if he made a move? I'd be laying on a hospital bed somewhere with some nurse trying to give me CPR. But-”

The girls froze.

“He did mention that Dae-Sung was building up the courage to call my Japanese speaking friend soon.”

Jen gasped, “No! Oh dear god, please no! He's gong to think I'm nuts! I'm no match for an angel!”

Katy grinned, “you'll be fine, you're both dorks either way so it's a match made in heaven.” She turned to Sailynn and lowered her voice into a soft tone, “did he say anything about....”

Sailynn shook her head, “he said he only talked to him for a few minutes before YG whisked GD away.”

Katy looked down, “oh.”

Jen reached out and rubbed Katy's back, “K, it's okay, we'll find a way to contact GD for you.”

Katy looked back up and smiled briefly, “thanks J, I hope Dae calls you soo-”

Out of the blue, Jen's phone begins to ring. She fished out her phone and shrieked. “Speaking of an angel!” She puts the phone to her ear and takes a deep breath before answering.

Katy and Sailynn watched Jen like a hawk as Jen answered question and giggled here and there until she said goodbye and hug up.

“Well?!” the girls asked.

Jen's face displayed our obvious overjoyed facade, “I think I'm going on a date with Dae-Sung....”

“You think?” Sailynn poked.

Jen shrugged, “I don't know if it counts or not. He just asked if I was available and if I wanted to go with him to some place....”

“It doesn't matter! What matters is that he called you and wanted to see you again!” Katy beamed.

Jen blushed hard, “I-I need to get r-ready. He said he'd be here in an hour.” and with that, Jen dipped out and ran to her room.

Katy turned to Sailynn with her eye brows scrunched together, “how does he know where we're staying?”

"I wondered the same think when Tabii picked me up but I figured GD told them,” Sailynn answered.

Katy forced herself to smile, "oh well, I guess I'll have to play the waiting game for that man. In the mean time, tell me details!"

Sailynn grinned, "there's not much to say. He picked me up, we went to a small cafe, had breakfast, then I got dropped off."

Jen's loud frantic voice carried down the hallway. Katy and Sailynn both turned their heads but ignored Jen when they realized she was simply having a moment.

"Don't just say that," Katy pushed. "What did you guys talk about?"

Sailynn blushed, "nothing much, really. Art, music, language, the basics of an aspiring friendship."

Katy eyed her friend carefully, "an aspiring friendship ey? You sure about that because I can that blush in your face."

Jen ran out to her friends, letting Sailynn sigh in relieve for dodging the bullet. "I'm going," Jen panted, her heart beating loud enough for the two girls to hear.

"So soon? Didn't he say an hour?" Katy asked.

"I think she's going to run around a bit to burn off some energy so she doesn't have to run away from him," Sailynn grinned.

Jen shot Sailynn a menacing look. "And what if I do run away from that gorgeous man? I need you guys to keep my confidence level up!"

The girls laughed.

"You'll be fine, just be yourself," Katy smiled.

Jen pressed her lips into a fine line, "easier said than done. You shy up quite nicely and S over here emits her Bingu ways."

"Yahh!" Sailynn barked. "I get shy too!"

Jen rolled her eyes, "I'm going. I'll be back later on okay?"

Katy and Sailynn waved goodbye to Jen, shouting last minute words of encouragement as she closed the door.

Sailynn then draped an arm around Katy and beamed, "lemme take you out shopping in the mean time."

Katy grinned back at her friend, "thanks girl, let's go."

The two left the hotel after changing their clothes and navigated through the subway station to the top shopping street that Seoul had to offer, Myeongdong.

The colors in the sky had began to blend out to darker hues, making Katy and Sailynn head back to the hotel just in time to see Dae-Sung give Jen a tight hug and bow goodbye.

Katy and Sailynn exchanged looks before waiting until Dae-Sung disappeared into the parking lot to run into the hotel and ambush their friend.

Jen jumped the moment the two girls threw an arm around her, "don't scare me like that!"

"Soo, been gone a long time ey? What did you guys do?" Sailynn grinned.

Jen slipped out of their arms when the elevator opened up and smiled shyly. "Nothing special, just ran some errands with him then stopped by to grab a bite to eat."

"And that took all afternoon? I mean, it's getting dark outside soon," Katy edged on.

Jen looked down to hide her rosy cheeks, "yes."

The elevator opened up for the girls to get out but the moment Jen entered the suite, she could feel her friends trialing behind her as she made her way to her room.

Jen whirled around and stared at her friends, fighting the urge to keep her smile down, "what?"

"You're not spiling any details," Sailynn growled.

"How are we a squad when you won't even give us the goods!" Katy whined. "Don't make us take dramatic measure!"

Jen gasped, remembering her friends kidnapping her stuffed Krunk of Dae-Sung and holding it above a fresh batch of kimchi. "You wouldn't dare. I didn't ever bring my love along!"

Sailynn sighed, "you keep him in your toiletry bag. How could you not bring him along?"

Katy laughed, "are you serious? Even I didn't know!"

Jen reached forth and covered Sailynn's mouth with her hand, "this is why we can't share our secrets with you, Bingu! Aishh. Okay." Jen lets go of her friend and ruffles her hair. "He picked me up, we went to some store across the Han River, I don't know, we talked- well, laughed. And then he invited me for some shaved ice and well, we laughed some more and yeah."

Katy raised an eyebrow, "you've got to be kidding me. That is NOT all that happened. WE saw that hug!"

Jen raised her hands up in defense, "it was a harmless hug!"

Sailynn giggled, "so cute."

Jen suddenly flinched and clutched her stomach, "actually, I think I ate something bad. I'm going to bed early okay?" She looked at Sailynn and twitched her eyebrow.

Sailynn groaned, "now that you mention it, the water here has been making my stomach queasy, I'm gonna go shower then call it a day."

Katy scoffed, "you guys are party poopers. I'm going to drink all the Soju by myself." She stuck her tongue out and left her friends to march into the kitchen.

"Goodnight!" Jen and Sailynn called out to their friend. Katy bid them a fair night then grabbed the Soju bottles from the refrigerator and settled in the small livingroom, turning on the television to find something good to watch while she poured herself a shot.


A faint whisper entered Katy's ear, wakening her from the comfort of deep slumber. "Hmm?"

"Can you go to the store for us? Sailynn and I are dying," Jen murmured.

Katy opened her eyes and saw her pale friend hovering above her with Sailynn not far behind, covered in blankets with a rosy nose.

"It's just across the street," Sailynn added.

Katy rose up and sighed, "okay, I'm going." She stood up and went into her room to change into jeans and a sweatshirt, then grabbed her bag and went back out, taking the money that Sailynn had handed to her. Katy pulled her hair back and stared at her friends, "jeez, you guys look like ghosts. Almost like you caked on some white foundation."

Jen looked at Sailynn.

"Yeah," Sailynn forced a small giggle. "I said the same thing when J knocked on my door this morning."

Jen cleared her throat, "K, it's going to be sunny today, maybe you should change real fast in case you get hot. We don't what you to get overheated then sick."

Katy looked down at her sweatshirt, "it's just a quick run, I shouldn't be out long-"

"But you have so many pretty shirts," Jen persisted.

"Just change your shirt. Who knows, maybe you'll run into some cutie," Sailynn winked.

Katy scratched her head, "I guess." She went back into her room and opened up her luggage again, pulling out a nicer tank top and a cardigan to cover her shoulders. She re-emerges from her room and finds her friends sitting on the couch watching television. "Better?"

Jen and Sailynn look up, "better." They both reply in unison.

Katy rolls her eyes, "okay then. I'll be back." She waves goodbye to her friends and leaves the suite. She stares at the numbers displaying above the elevator windows as it counts down from the very top floor down to the first.

She sighed softly when the doors opened and proceeded out, stopping after a few steps to gaze around the well decorated lobby. She walked slowly, turning her head to see the different colored balloons, streamers, and balls of flowers, all hanging from the ceiling.

"How.... beautiful," her voice, light and airy.

"Do you like it? I had to pull some strings to get this done as fast as possible but it was all done for you."

Katy whirled her head back from it's wonderment journey to the voice in front of her. She felt the color drain from her face as her breathing hitched and lodged an invisible object in her throat, numbing all sense of reality.

"Ji- Ji-Yong?" she stammered.

Ji-Yong walked towards her from the front desk, holding a large bouquet of flowers in his hands. "I may have forgotten to ask for your number, but at least I didn't forget where you were staying at," he chuckled with a light tint of color on his cheeks.

Katy swallowed hard the moment he came close enough to catch a whiff of his cologne.

Ji-Yong bit his lip and held the bouquet up to her. "Happy birthday, Katy. Please, let me take you out on a date."

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