How I Fell In Love With BTS And How Stupid I Was In the Beginning

I saw@Badtz ' s card similar to this, and I said I'd do it. So here it be!

To start off, I did not know that KPOP existed or how cool it was until I saw this video.

This is where I ran into the loves of my life, Big Bang. I started looking at all Big Bang stuff from here, and I slowly started becoming trash.

Time passed and more KPOP reaction videos were put up on the REACT Channel. Such as this one. This video holds DOPE by BTS, the first time I was ever exposed. And truthfully, I thought it was weird as hell. I remember my first impressions of each member in the video, when I looked up the original and saw for myself.

My first bias ever was not even liked by me then. I thought his rapping was a joke, well what I heard in DOPE. And to top it off, I thought he was ugly!

I don't even know who I was back then, honestly.

One of my other biases now was definitely not one of my biases then. When I first saw Jungkook in DOPE, all I could think was "How much makeup is this boy wearing, and is he seven?" Jungkook looked really young to me, but I admit I did still find him very handsome. Just that it was the kind of handsome you think of when you see your little brother.

I thought Jimin was also very young and while I liked the hair, I just kept thinking about all the makeup! I couldn't move past it. Jimin was the transition to the first chorus dance, where I saw the number of the members and already I thought it was too much. Big Bang only had 5 members and at that point I still forgot about Taeyang from time to time. Seven was just way too much.



Speaking of the dancing, just like just about everyone else that has ever seen DOPE, I was impressed with the dancing. At least I wasn't completely insane?


When Suga's part came in, I liked his voice. I thought his costume was the best of all, his hair was nice, still hated the makeup. I was disappointed to find he had the smallest part, I didn't like his rap but I could tell his voice at least had potential.

I thought V was handsome, but that the outfit they put him in was atrocious. I actually quite like it now. I couldn't hear V's voice at all. I didn't know how deep it was.

And lastly, I thought Jin was a girl. He was so pretty, and I liked his smile. I couldn't really hear him either.

When I reached the end of the MV, I liked the high notes of Jungkook. I liked Jimin's acting at the end. I didn't know any of them. I wasn't drawn to watch any more or listen to any more, until I came across a comment that talked about their 'debut' video. I wanted to see what they were like when they started, if they were considered so good now, what were they like back then? So I delved.

I fell in love.

I found my bias.

I had been listening to his mixtape after I found Joke online, nonstop. I loved it, his rapping was lovely and I started looking for more videos of him doing it. And so I fell in love with his personality, his looks, his cute ghetto English. I loved that he was so smart, I loved that he was a good leader. I loved him.

I love him now.

What made me fall into the ARMY fandom in the end though, was the I Need U trilogy. The MV's to be specific. I liked how deep they were, I liked that they could make me cry no matter how many times I watched them but most of all I loved the songs. I listened to the whole albums after.

I started to love the boys, watching variety shows and such. I fell in love with American Hustle Life watching the boys in America. I knew all their names, I knew all their personalities. I could tell all of them apart, when before I had trouble with JHope, Jin and V. I could tell them apart by their voices, and this was the time I found my second bias in the group. Although I love all of them equally really.

Jungkook's voice made me cry all the time. Especially when I heard Born Singer. I started to love him so much, and paying more attention to everything he did. And then...

Jungkook grew up.

I also started to notice the way V acted around Jungkook... and my OTP was clear.

VKook for life. And that's how I got into the hell of fan fictions. Someone save my soul.

Well that's pretty much it. That's my journey. It was hard, it was stupid but now I'm here. I love all the boys. I love all they do, how hard they work. ARMY for life.


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