Lean on Me Ch.11

Pairing: Reader X J-Hope

Rated: M


After the conference, the media has been attacking Hoseok left and right. It looked like he was being stress out about the issue, but he always forces a smile for me. These days I feel we are getting closer. We even started share a bed together. Most of the time he works late so I don’t see much of him. Last night he got home at 2a.m.

With him being gone all day, I have been getting bored so I decided to go back to work at the diner. I when my break around 12 and I got a call from an unknown number. I answer it.


“Hey, Noona this is Kookie”

“Jungkook?!” I started to tear up

“Yes it me. I was wondering could I come over for the weekend.”

“Yes you can” I tell him the address to the house. I say ok and am about to hang up then he stops me.

“Noona wait. I miss you so much. I hate it here, the boys hear are bullies. How much long do I have to wait?” He cries.

“Kookie I’m sorry you are having a hard time. Just hang in there a little bit longer. Can you do that for me?”


“Ok well I have to get back to work. But I love you and be good.”

“Love you too, bye” call ended.


I got home exhausted. It was 4pm and Hoseok was still not home. I text him and asked was it ok if Jungkook comes over this weekend. But he hasn’t replied yet. About 5pm I go into the kitchen start to prepare dinner. I want Hoseok to have something to eat when he gets home. I make kimchi and rice. I also prepare some green tea. My phone rings I see it a text from Hoseok.

H: “Hey, of course it is ok for him to come over. You didn’t have to ask it your house too babe.”

“Ok, thanks. Oh I made dinner for you for when you get home.”

H: “Wow you didn’t have to do that. I may be coming late tonight again.”

“WAEEE? 😩 I miss seeing you.”

H:” I miss you too. I think about you all the time. Don’t worry I am off this weekend so I can spend time with you and Jungkook.”


H: “Ya, Y/N I forgot to tell you, we have meeting with a wedding planner on Tuesday.”

“OK, now get back to work!”

H:” LOL Yes Mam’ “

I smile as I am reading his texts. He is so sweet. I know he said he will be home late, so I will make him a snack.

Hoseok POV

*Sighs* I am so tired. What time is it? (Looks at clock. 1:30a.m.). I should get going soon. I’ve be trying to stop the press from embarrassing Y/N. I don’t want her to get hurt. I leave the office and head home. When I get home I walk in and see that Y/N had fallen asleep on the couch. I pick her up and take her to our bed. I get changed and go back to get me some water before going to bed.

As I am drinking my water I notice a plate of rice balls on the counter. I walk over to where they are and there’s a note.

“Midnight snack, Enjoy XOXO 💗”

I smile and open it and eat all of it. Then I go to bed. I climb in the bed and snuggle close to her back. She stir and turns to face me. I kiss her and say good night.



I wake up feeling the warmth of Hoseok on my back. I turn over and climb on top of him. I kiss him on his neck tailing on his check to his lips. I pull away and say “Good Morning.” He smiles and flip me over and he gets on top of me. He start kiss me and takes off his shirt. In between kiss he says “God I’ve missed you.” I rip my shirt of and throw it. He kisses my neck and moves further down. He hit my spot I moan with pleasure. As I am about to reach my climax, the doorbell rings. Hoseok looks up before going back to what was doing. He says “Ignore it. I reply, “We can’t because it might be Jungkook.” We both sigh with disappointment.

I get and put my clothes back and answer the door. As soon it is open wide enough Kookie rushes in and hugs me. “Hi Kookie.” Hoseok come out the room and he says hello. Jungkook pulls away and walk towards Hoseok. The bows and starts to cry he say,” Hyung thank you for taking care of my sister. I hope you take care of me too.” Hoseok says why are you crying today is supposed to be a happy day. We are going to have a lot of fun today.”

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