VIDEOS and Excerpts of Lee Min Ho's Global Tour Press Conference Taiwan

Here are videos of our handsome oppa in Taipei Global Tour Press Conference. July 20 , 2013 And here are excerpts from Taiwan Presscon: Nam Shin (Male God) Lee Minho, super gorgeous with his long legs, would like to visit Yilan for surfing] The Korean star, handsome Lee Minho is good in acting and singing. He arrived in Taiwan on the 19th for his upcoming concert, My Everything Global Tour 2013 in Taiwan. He shared that, he once visited Taiwan for CF shooting, so he feel happy to visit Taiwan again. However, ever since he touched down, he has been in the hotel and never stepped out from it. He revealed that he would like to go Yilan as he wanted to go for surfing. This is the first time for Minho to have a concert in Taiwan, so he believes that to bring a good singing performance is the most important thing for this visit. "I've prepare a lot." he shared with a confident smile. Besides, he also shared that the audience will have an opportunity to see a "rhythmic moving" Minho instead of a "dancing" Minho. He could not hide his excitement about he will have some dance performance, seems like he is worry about his concert as well. During the press conference, Lee Minho sent his gratitude to his fans for several times to express his appreciation for the fans supportive act no matter he releases an album or does a drama project. He also said "I love you" in mandarin to greet the fans. The concert will be held on this coming Sunday, 7 pm at National Taiwan University Sports Center. Lee Minho, the actor of Boys Over Flowers and City Hunter is very popular in the Korea market, his fans refer him as "Nam shin (male god)". He is very gorgeous with his long and lean legs, besides he looks cute when he smiles shyly too. In fact, the owner of the organizer jokingly said that because Minho is too handsome, so he felt shy to stand next to him. Recently, Lee Minho is busy will building up his body for his new drama and he is addicted to surfing. He modestly shared that he is currently at the level of, "Able to stand on the surfboard (while surfing)". The reporters jokingly asked him that did he try to attract girls while surfing, he shared with a bitter smile and said that it is very tough for him to stand on the surfboard, hence he does not have any time to control his facial expression. ** Videos - credits to owners. ** English translation: chloe ( ** Source:

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