"Friends Since You Signed" {BTS/Bangtan Boys Oneshot}

Dedicated to my friend Esther, This my third oneshot and I hope chu enjoy it very much. Ever wondered what would happen if you met the boys if Bagntan/BTS before a fan signing? Let's read to see..

It was Saturday morning when your friend message you on Kakao telling you to get ready because she was going to pick you up soon. "Aish...what is she doing at this time in the morning...doesn't she remember that I didn't sleep early??" Then the realization hit you..."Shoot today is the BTS fanmeeting!!!" After you remembered you went into your shower and finished getting ready before ten minutes when you had to call Luna. When she picked up you said "Ya! Where are you? I don't see you anywhere expect for your car?" "I'm right behind you!! Literally I would think you'll see me Esther, but that doesn't matter now! Let's go before there are too many people!" It was about 6:50 am when the fan meeting actually start at 7:30 am...but you aren't going to complain knowing that she has a point and if you're earlier than the others there is a small chance to get to meet them on your own. While driving to the destination their was a black van next to your guys care on the right and when you looked back to the van you noticed there was seven guys that looked liked Bangtan....."Luna you saw those guys right??..." "Not I'm trying not to crash with them and the car of the left...may I say he shouldn't even be on the roads!" "Oh I didn't noticed to be honest.." I was too busy 'observing' that van and those guys.. "I know that you didn't noticed Esther...you were too busy checking those guys out" Dang I got caught...hopefully she will actually let me live that down.."And I wasn't 'checking them out' I was 'observing' them...There is a HUGE difference Luna" "Whatever you say but hope you know we have to park our car right here and we have to a walk a bit but lucky for us I brought some hot packs!!" Thank god she was prepared, if she didn't bring those hot packs we will both be dead "Thanks for being prepared now let's go~~" While you both were walking you both bumped into a group of seven boys, one of them asked "Are you guys alright? We're sorry for not looking, we are in a rush" you looked up to see Bangtan in front of you, then you remembered they are waiting for the fan signing and your reply, "Oh, sorry and yes don't worry we are fine but by any chance are you the members of Bangtan?" You decided to ask the boys. They gave each other a confused look on their faces "Yes, we are but does that mean by any chance you guys heading towards the fan meeting?" Namjoon had replied back. Luna responded for you "Yes, we are actually headed now but would you guys care to walk, together?" You were waiting for their respond mostly because you kept thinking that they would reject "Sure lets walk together, it can't hurt right?" The oldest Seokjin said with a wink your way. While you guys were walking you noticed saesangs and photographers taking photos and videos of you guys but it only show you guys walking while talking about the most random of things. While at the fan meeting the boys kept staring at you both during the whole event, and even brought you up to the stage with other armys to play with the boys. After the fun and games their was a signing when the boys signed your album but when Jimin signed your album he slip his Kakao ID and the same happened to Luna expect it was Taehyung who slipped his ID. So both of you entered the car and decided to check out the signatures and the album, but you both flipped though the albums and noticed the ID for Kakao, and Luna suggested to you saying "Let's look them up and see what happens!" You were hesitant and told her you will only do it after she does, and so she did and next minute later she got a picture and a message along saying "You're surprise, no?" You both have each other a look of disbelief. When you tried yours you got the same thing expect it was Jimin. After that event you and Jimin kept in touch and every once in awhile they would come over but you made sure that Luna and others were there to make sure no funny business happened. When it was just you, Luna, and the boys hanging out, they decided to have a battle of songs just to pass boredom, but when Yoongi was asleep you saw Taehyung and Luna stealing Yoongi's swag it was funny that they both started arguing who was gonna take it for themselves until Luna tricked Tae into giving you Yoongi's swag as luck for finials. After that Yoongi still laid asleep as per usual while you guys were just joking around. After a couple of months you and the boys became close, they were there for you as they were there for you. And in the end you all became the best of friends just because of that one fan meeting.

Heyo, I'm alive! This oneshot was written like last year Christmas but I wanted to finally publish it! @thePinkPrincess@Isolate@bbyitskatie@reyestiny93@SarahVonDorn@solodaywithB1A4@DestineeLiu@AimeeH@loftonc16@PatriciaS@yaya12@MomoChamie@ninjamidori@TiffanyBibian@megancurrent9@jojojordy2324@SehunsQueen@Ercurrent@VictoriaRose217@UnnieCakesAil@Moose1998@Gaarita100@JessikaLuna@LauynicornLay@felicityautumn@ESwee@EliseB @ILikeHisFace123@Miss148@sarcasticme101@SashaLove@MonkeyLee08@jeess143@Katherina2078@JessicaFigueroa@VIPFreak2NE1@sarahdarwish@Tamaki1618@tinathellama@AlexErica@SindyHernandez@moonim@KaeliShearer@kpopandkimchi@PrincessUnicorn@MsLoyalHeart@tiffany1922@alltimerejectx@ZaTaylor@Morhilge1441@Animegirl320688@ammagrande@MidnightMadness@TaehyungV@MrsJungHoseok

Ello peoples! ✨^~^✨ I'm a fairy that's here to make your day better than ever! ~ sadly I can't always grant you happiness but I can always wish it! ✨^~^✨ Layout credit: @BadGirlMinyeon (twt) 💛
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