Chapter 8: My Little Tough Cookie! (Mark POV)

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MARK POV: YAY!!!! The crowd went still and turn towards the direction of the voice...I looked up and notice a girl, about 5 something build. Despite the loose tee she wore, her curve were still visible. She had her hands on her hips with a no nonsense look on her face. Definitely, not a fan I noted. I stared back at her until she mouthed NAT and motion me to get over to her. Only then it hit me, she was actually my ride. Taking advantage of the stunned crowd I quickly disengaged myself and walk hurriedly towards her. I stood there feeling amused at the whole scene as I watched how she handled the fans and put them in their place. She sure was an interesting character. Looks like this holiday is gonna be a fun one I thought. As we finally got to the car and drove off out of the airport. She introduced herself again and told me she will be at my service for next 2 weeks.

We drove for about 40 minutes till we finally arrived at gramps place. After the whole episode of hugging and repeating over about how much I’ve grown…, we proceed to have dinner. Gramps tried to catch up about my life and my music which let me to know that Nat had no freaking idea about my band and I wasn’t sure if I should be offended or laugh about it. I also learned that she was no stranger to this household and gramps adored her. Best part about the dinner was watching Nat hog down the food. Gramps weren't kidding when they said, this girl can eat. It was refreshing to see a girl enjoying her with food without fussing about her body. With dinner done, Gramps insisted on for a nightcap...


I opened my eyes to a very unfamiliar surrounding and I had no idea where I was. I found myself curled up in a sofa and someone was leaning heavily on my shoulder. I turned to see who it was and came face to face with NAT. Oh right, I'm at gramps place I told myself. She was still asleep, so I sat there looking at her. I notice she was actually pretty in a very unconventional way. Her style was definitely not girly that’s for sure. As I was about to move away, she opened her eyes and stare straight back at me and smiled. I was startled for a sec having caught for staring until I notice, she was not really fully awake yet. Next thing I know, her hands was all over my face and I certainly did not expect the pinched. OooooUCH!! I yelled snapping NAT out of her dream state, she jumped to the corner of the sofa and looked at me accusingly asking why I didn't wake her up. Hey, I just woke up few minutes back I told her. She hurriedly got up and grabbed her bag saying she had to leave. I don’t why I said what I said but yeah...I came up with the lame excuse about gramps whooping my arse if I let her go home alone at this hour. She looked at me amused followed by look of disbelief. Please...she laughed. I have driven home way late then this. So don't worry kid, I’ll be fine. I know it even sound ridiculous in my ear to be honest but having said what I said, I stood by my excuse and thankfully she took the bait grudgingly. I smiled to myself as I tail behind her while she rush towards the door asking me to come along.

Nat’s place was cozy and homely. She showed me to the guest room and told me to make myself comfortable before rushing off to get some clean towels. She came back after some few minutes. “ need anything else?” she asked. “Nah...just my good night kiss”, I teased. There was something about her that makes me want to tease her. Maybe it's got to do with her blushing and going all into defensive mode. It was pretty amusing and cute at the same time. I got to admit I surprise myself a little with this side of me. Usually, this was Jackson turf. He is one person who can get along easily with anyone even on their first meet unlike me. I take time to open up especially to someone new but that was not the case for Nat. Somehow, I felt connected and found myself at ease right from the moment I spoked to her on the phone. Sound cliche right….I know! I laughed as she rushed out of the room shouting “Goodnight Mark” right before she closed the door shut.

The sun was streaming in through the curtains as I opened my eyes. I did a quick wash up and pull on my jeans but decided to discard the shirt as the weather was quite warm. I wander out of the room to find the Kitchen. As I drew near, I heard our song playing on the radio. I smiled and walked in to find…the little feisty tough cookie (Yeah I named her that) in the zone, doing some awkward booty shake and humming some weird lyrics to our song, it was pure sight. I stood there watching for sometime before I wished her “Good Morning” I was not prepared for early morning eggs assault not that I’m complaining but yeah...I somehow startled the dancing machine off her wits when I greeted her. The next thing I know, I saw eggs flying towards at me and it landed solid on my bare chest. The horror on Nat’s face was worth it. She came rushing with tissues and started rubbing the eggs off my chest. It was only after few secs that she realized what she was doing and jump back. She threw the tissue at me and told me to do it myself. Murmuring to herself she walk back to the fridge and purposely grab another set of fresh eggs. I laughed and told her that I wouldn’t mind her cleaning me off. I saw her blushed again but she put on a straight face and order me to go and grab a tee from the closet. I told her I was good without it, in all honesty I was getting a kick out of how my shirtless state was making tough cookie nervous. I pulled out a chair and sat there waiting as she whip up a cup of coffee and omelette for me. Suddenly, I remember the tee bit. It peeked my curiosity and for some weird reasons, it bothered me which resulted in me asking if she had a boyfriend and why she had a man’s tee in the closet. Tough cookie as she is, told me it’s none of my business (which is totally true) but she did confirm about no boyfriend in the picture. Somehow, for very very weird reasons it pleased me. Don’t asked me why, I don’t know myself. So yes...that is how my first day is my funny feelings for tough cookie. I know I sound corny but have you ever met somebody for the first time but you feel like you’ve known the person all along and been with him/her just feels right. Trust me, I’m trying to understand this whole thing myself but I can’t seem to figure it out. So I decided to go with the flow...

Fast’s already been 2 weeks now since I got here. Jackson had called the other day saying he is coming to visit me. Oh yeah, tough cookie is Jackson fan. She keeps telling me how adorable he is and how she would love to meet him. So much as I like the idea of jackson coming over, I hated the idea of tough cookie gushing over him. Jackson been Jackson rubs it on my face over that fact that TC adores him. I don’t know how he does but they spoke over the phone once and BAM they became best buddies ever really!! After the fishing trip with gramps, I picked Jackson from the airport and went straight to TC’s place to surprise her. Jackson was all excited to meet TC who he insisted on calling noona which I don’t approve btw. As I parked the car and got the luggage out, Jackson had already rushed off to the porch and was ringing the doorbell. No sign of movement inside, I panicked a little. I hurried over and bang the door. After some few minutes I heard TC shouting from upstairs asking who it was. Jackson shouted NOONA!!...few secs, the door flunged open. JACKSON!!! TC screamed in surprise and they hug eachother. I stood there frowning as I notice TC had nothing on except for the bathrobe which btw was a very very sexy sight and I’m not complaining except for the fact that she was hugging another man and I did not like that one bit!!! Knowing fully well, Jackson was just been Jackson and nothing was going on, it still bothers me and what bothers me more was the fact that I’m bothered by it. Jackson walks in checking out the place while TC waited for me to come in.

“Do you usually greet your guest in towels?” I asked as I dragged the trolley in. TC stood rooted and looked up in panicked at the realization... Satisfied, I bend down and whispered “Not that I don’t approve the look, just make sure it’s only for me” Mother of blushes hit TC's face, I walked in with the biggest grin on my face. Jackson called out as he notice TC still standing rooted by the door...getting a grip of herself, TC bang the door close and rushed up the stairs murmuring that she will be back in a bit. No I did not miss the dead ray she gave me as she run passed the stairs. I showed Jackson around the house and then grabbed some chips before settling in front of the TV while we waited for the TC to come down. I was a little pworried if I had gone too far with my teasing…but that quickly went off when I saw TC walking down the stairs. She had one of her usual oversize tee on. Did I mentioned how good TC looks in those oversize tee she loves to wear. Nothing fancy but seeing how she comfortable makes all the difference. That’s one thing I love about TC, she never tries too hard and is least bother about what people think. The girl just do whatever she loves and wears whatever makes her comfortable. I watched as she walks in and I could see those eyes glistening in conspiracy plotting for a payback. As she walk pass me to the other side, she stepped on my foot. I knew she purposely did it and it amused me to no end. I love to keep her on her toes like she does mine. "So what brings you here?" she asked Jackson as she sat down. Jackson went on with the whole comeback thingy and blah blah...oh for the record, I extended my stay despite been asked to come back asap. Well, you might have guess the reason by now right…. Jackson been the closes member to me knows pretty much all about TC. I guess that's because somehow she always seems to get into the conversation whenever I call Jackson and Yes! he loves to tease me about it all the time saying someone is finally in love which btw is not true. I admit, I like Tough Cookie a lot but that’s because she different from most girls I know and our banter relationship is fun. Oh yeah the whole staying over was not in the plan just got into picture when TC asked about and it was too fun to take it back. We laughed as TC heads into the kitchen with determination to prepare dinner and have us kicked out after that. Jackson updated me on the happenings at the company and reminded me that I had to come back in 2 days time. I knew I couldn’t delay any longer so I promised him, I’d go back along with him. Satisfied, Jackson gets up and goes into the kitchen to help TC. It was almost 10 minutes and Jackson still hasn't come back. Knowing Jackson so well and also knowing the fact that he was upto something and was just waiting for my reaction, I tried to ignore but I couldn’t. So I got up and pop by to see what they were upto. As I got closer, I heard TC laughing at Jackson jokes. I knew I was been lame but I was jealous of how TC was so comfortable with Jackson. What are you two gossiping? I blurt out as I got to the door. Both of them turn and Jackson seeing my expression pulls TC closer to his side. I didn’t mind a bit except the part where TC gave the brightest smile to Jackson saying how sweet he is. I don’t why I asked Jackson to have a word with me but I did just to have him walk away from TC. As we got into the other room, Jackson burst out laughing “Dude, really…" and kept laughing at my face. “Will you’s not what you think" I said. Jackson gave me that are-u-shitting-me look. “Please, dude...just go and tell her or I might do it myself. Although I’m pretty sure she already knows with that lovesick face of yours”. "Seriously...that’s not it" I replied hotly smacking his head. "OK...fine then, you wouldn't have any problem with me hitting on her, would you?" Jackson taunted. Shut up and just sit here I warned Jackson and headed to the kitchen. I ignored Jackson's laugh and went to the kitchen. “You need help?” “Oh it’s you…” TC said as she turn and saw me. Talk about disappointment I sighed. “You want Jackson??” I snapped. "Oh no no...I just thought it was him since he was helping me earlier", TC replied quickly. As I sat there watching her, I knew I was gonna miss this place and most of all my little cookie in all her sass and banter. I think I have grown a little too used to this place I mused. I asked TC if she would visit me whenever she visits seoul to which she replied, she would try but added that I might not have time for Noonas like her. The whole bit of ‘I’m older’ and calling me Kid was a daily argument between us. I hate it when she calls me a kid and try to treat me like one. I know she does it to get in my nerves and she was always successful in this topic. It annoys the hell outta me when she dumps that Noona shizz on me and today wasn’t a really good day to tease me…. I walked up to her and told her I was no kid and I would gladly prove it, I dare her. TC stood there staring at me with her mouth open. Her lips just an inch away and all I could think was.... ~Cough~ Really! Perfect timing, Wang perfect timing…I swore inside!! I pulled my little stunt cookie for a hug and turn towards Jackson…. "Yeah, you need something...?"

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