Scared Of Falling For Him- Chapter 9

HEY HEY HEY EVERYONE! Here is Chapter 9 of my Fanfic! Enjoy! :) I also wanted to let everyone know that I upload the next chapters on my WattPad first and then on Vingle the next day. So if anyone wants to read ahead, I will put down my WattPad Info below :)








What the hell is going on with him?


I had a feeling Mark was going to follow me and want to talk. I heard him knocking on my door but I didn't say nothing. I just stayed quiet. Maybe he'll get tired and give up. Then again, we're talking about Mark here. When a friend is in need, he doesn't give up. It's one of the reasons why I can always confide and count on him. He's my best friend. Since I knew he wasn't going to give up, I got up from my bed and went to unlock and open the door. Then went back to sit down. I heard him close the door and then made his way to sit next to me on the bed. I didn't know where to start talking. He sat their quietly not saying a word. I smiled a little bit knowing what he was doing. He was waiting until I was ready to speak. He knew me too well. My eyes wouldn't leave the floor, but my hands kept fiddling with each other. Mark took notice of it. "It's okay Jackson, it's just me" He says placing one of his hands on my shoulder. "You know you can tell me anything. Yell at me if you want. Just let it go" He continued I lost it. I couldn't help it. Call me a baby all you want but I started sobbing at his words. "I'm sorry for earlier Mark, I didn't mean to shove your arm away from me" I said while sobbing "I'm having a shit day today and I know that's no reason for my actions but..but.." I say wiping my tears away. "Hey hey it's okay Jackson. It must have been a big one if it's got you like this" Mark says while rubbing my back "I can't believe I'm crying like a baby right now, I'm such a wuss." I say to him "No, no, you are not a wuss. Real men cry! Now what happened that's gotten you like this" Mark replies I calmed down a bit but the tears we're still going down. I took a deep breathe and continued. "Ariana is back." I say I turned to look at Mark and saw he had a shocked facial expression. "What!" He whisper yelled "Yup, she's back. And she fucked things up between Y/N and Me" I replied "What do you mean she fucked things up between you and Y/N?" He says I looked down to the ground just thinking about it. About how Y/N's reaction was. About how she had the hatred look towards me. "Apparently those two became good friends. Ariana told her that I was her boyfriend" I say still looking down to the ground "What! That bitch!" He replies back but stood up out of anger. I grabbed his arm and made him sit back down. "Of course, you obviously told Y/N that it wasn't true right?" He says I looked back to the floor. "Right? Jackson?" My eyes we're still glued to the floor. "Oh my God you didn't tell her. Why didn't you tell he-" "I was going to tell her but Ariana cut me off and asked Y/N if she could leave us alone for a while to talk! As soon as Y/N left, she turns around and threatened me to go along!" I say getting up from the bed angry I started pacing back and forth again. "What did that bitch threaten you with?" Mark says I stopped right in front of him. "She heard our conversation we had outside the studio" I began Mark looked at me with a confused look. "She threatened me by telling Y/N about who I really am!" I yell out flinging my arms upwards. Mark stood up and grabbed both sides of my shoulders. "You need to tell her the truth Jackson! If you don't, she's going to hate you and not want to talk to you anymore!" He says shaking me "She already does!" I yell out flinging my hands upwards again "She already does mark.." I say sniffling while falling to my knees Mark also gets down on his knees and pulls me into a hug. I couldn't help but tear down even more. "Its okay Jackson, everything will be okay. You'll see things will get better and Y/N will come back to you" Mark says while rubbing my back I wanted to believe him, I wanted to believe those words of his but I couldn't. Not by the way she looked at me. She didn't want nothing to do with me. She made it very clear. "I lost her Mark.." I say sniffling "I fucking lost her...."

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