Naruto Giveaway Day 6!!! Favorite Clan!

My favorite clan is the Hyuga Clan because of a couple of reasons. First, I love their ability to see Chakra points and love their Chakra control. It is pretty amazing and super cool! Second, I believe that we get to know their clan a little better than the rest excluding the Uchiha clan and you can definitely tell that they are more defined as a clan. Third, they are one of the most powerful clans of the Leaf Village. The last reason is because of Neji and Hinata. I found their characters to be quite amazing and if I had to choose, Hinata would be my favorite out of all of the female roles. I only liked Neji after he had an attitude change though but I found him to be really admirable especially when he sacrificed himself to save Hinata and Naruto. Anyways the Hyuga Clan is my favorite clan but I would choose the Uzumaki Clan as my second favorite. @tayhar18920

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