This Man Got A Tattoo Of His Favorite Cookie Recipe!

When some people find a food that they enjoy, they might write a positive Yelp review or take a little food porn pic for their Instagram.

Not everyone is this man, however, who was spotted rocking his favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe - as a TATTOO.


One excited Redditor from Minnesota shared the shot pictured above online after spotting the tattoo (and its wearer - who 'calls himself Mango') at a cancer charity walk.

And, of course, the Redditor - user Rudecarp - could not contain his chill once he returned from his outing, actually hunting down all the ingredients to try the cookie recipe out himself.

What say you, Vingle? Are these chocolate chip cookies looking pretty good or what?

Mango and his tattoo tribute to cookies also got me thinking:

If you had to get a recipe tattooed on you, which recipe would you put on your body?

Personally, I'd get a tattoo of my grandmother's traditional hummus recipe. So garlicky, so lemony, so yum.

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