Love Toxic A markson story (oneshot)






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A Got7 Jackson and Mark ship fanfic

I know it took me long to complete but I finally got to finish@luna1171 fanfic request how you like it.

Jackson grabs a fist full of mark thin silky hair as he pulled mark head back a bit and brushed his lips gently against mark slim neck. Their eyes meet as their lips an inch away. The smell of alcohol that linger in their breath as their lips barely touch but enough for them to feel the chill that runs down their spin and back up. 

Mark’s eyes filled with such a sinful and devilish look as Jackson eyes express the desire and hungry his body carved. The feeling of their wet lips as they touched and press against each other as each hot breath that escaped from the edge of their mouths.  Mark gasped for air as Jackson took the chance to slip his tongue into marks sweet mouth, mark gasped as he jolted from the surprise attack. The sounds of small moans and hot groans escape as Jackson slammed mark against the hard cold steel locker and pinned his arms above his head. Jackson scanned mark whole body, the way he looked made mark look even more irresistible, the way the sweat on his brow drip down his cheek and sweat that slide down mark whole body, nearly drenched in sweat from the heat that was being created from their body heat.  Mark knees buckled as Jackson kissed and nibbled on his chest and collarbone and up his neck, the way Jackson tongue traced the shape of mark lips cause mark to let out a small yelp.

Jackson grab mark ass and lifted him up and mark wrapped his legs around Jackson waist as he rolled his hips in such a smooth motion that caused Jackson to shudder and shiver. Jackson lets mark down as he removed his sweats and boxers, mark shoved Jackson against the lockers as he drop to his knees and gripped onto Jackson rock hard members. Jackson gently raked his fingers through marks hair as their eyes made contact while Mark stroked the foreskin back exposing the head as he dipped the tip of his tongue in the slit. Jackson throws his head back onto the locker as he bites back a moan as he tighten his grip on mark hair causing Mark let out a small purr.  Mark become more aroused from Jackson sudden dominance and the way Jackson grab his head and shoved his member into marks redden lips just made it even more exciting.  Marks lips became darken and wet with saliva as he slurp Jackson pre-cum while Jackson gently and hesitant thrust his hips as he pressed mark downer causing him to take in Jackson member deep into his mouth nearly hitting the back of his throat until mark pulled away as he cough nearly gagging.  Jackson pulled mark back, shoving it back into mark swollen lips as he begin to fuck his mouth, mark use both his lips and hands to rubbed Jackson members as he stroked the skin back while he swirled his tongue around it and bobbed his head continuously.

Jackson body jerked the moment he felt mark gently scrap his teeth against his member, engulfed in wet heat Jackson pulls mark away from his member as he pushed him down onto his back, mark back arched as the cold floor touch his skin. Jackson kiss mark inner thigh and flick the tip of mark member with his tongue then begin to lick around it in a sloppy and mess way almost like he was eating a popsicle, mark body trembled as Jackson suck his member and played with his nipples. Jackson gentle bites onto mark stomach as he made his way up leaving small purplish spots onto marks body until he reaches marks lips.

They lips make contact in such a sweet passionate way then quickly turns sloppy and wet as the pull way a string of saliva hangs from their lips. Mark caressed Jackson cheek as he lean in close to ear and whispers,

“If you like this it’s yours”

Jackson slowly pulls away as watches as mark bites down onto his bottom lip, his eyes giving off such a seducing vibe as Jackson stared deeply into them. Jackson hands traced Mark’s slim body as his large hands gripped onto his small waist. Jackson twirled his finger onto Mark’s hip bone causing Mark to inhale sharply as he jerked and lick his lips in reaction.  Jackson moved in closer as he sucked onto marks bottom lip as his hand slide down mark body and rubbed his member mark eyes rolled behind his head as he groan a pleasuring moan. Jackson enjoyed the way mark body trembled and the way his small hips carefully and slowly rolled, Jackson pressed their member against each other as he stroked them mark moan as he tried so hard to hold back his moans.

“Does it feel good baby?” Jackson coos with a devilish smile

“Mhmm” mark bite Jackson lower lip as he hitch as the tip of their member touch

Jackson grab the back of mark knees as he left mark legs placing them over his shoulder as he position himself near marks ass entranced. Jackson glace at mark as he waited for mark to give him the permission to fuck him. Jackson adjusted himself as mark huffed in excitement Jackson eyes widen as mark closed his. Jackson gently caresses mark cheek as he gave him a warm smile.

“Can I?” Jackson asked

“Do what you wish, it’s yours” Mark smirk as Jackson lean in for a kiss.

Without second thinking it Jackson grips marks slim waist and rams his member into him, mark hips arched as he let out a loud grunt. Jackson stayed inside of mark as he let mark body adjust itself with to Jackson large thick members as Jackson brushed his lips again mark while mark wrap his arms around Jackson neck as he hook his legs behind Jackson thighs. Mark begin to grind his hips as Jackson stand on his knees and over mark, Jackson forearms supporting his mark as he continued to lock lips with mark’s. their hot breath and musk that surround the locker room as the sound of wet moist rubbing was being made and skin smacking with loud huff and puff. Jackson grab marks legs as he slammed himself into marks ass causing Mark to growl and howl as he touched himself just as Jackson order him to do.

“Ah fuck! That hurts Jackson!” Mark growled as Jackson bit onto his thigh.

Jackson smirk as he press into mark deeper as mark give out such a disparate moan. Jackson begins to rock his hips in a back and forth motion then in circles as he randomly slammed himself into mark even harder every time. Mark hands searched for something to grip onto as he tried to hold back him moans but failed as he begin to cry out in satisfaction.

“Oh god Jackson!! Fuck!!” mark blurted

“Does it feel good having me inside of you Markipoo?” Jackson teased as he slowly down his pace

“Mmm, please don’t stop keep going hard” Mark begged pathetically.

Jackson burned mark in such a sizzling passion, their body connect together so perfectly and the way their moans fit in such a hungry unison as Jackson sat down and slammed mark down onto his member. Mark moaned as he cried out Jackson name. Mark grinds his hips and bounce onto Jackson dick as Jackson pulled onto his hair, pulling him closer to him as he fucked mark mouth with his tongue. Mark became drunk in Jackson intoxicating aroma such a sweet and lusting scent that drove them into a fuzzy hazy their body moved in such a rhythm and motion. Jackson gripping mark ass as he slammed him onto his member as mark body began to weaken as he lean onto Jackson his hot breath that was felt against Jackson sexy neck. Mark crawled his nails across Jackson back as he felt Jackson full inside of him. Mark rolled his hip at a fast pace causing Jackson to moan and beg him to slow down.  

“Mark s-stop you’re going to m-ma-make me w-w-want to-to c-cum mm” Jackson stuttered

“MARK!! STOP! Uh SHIT I CAN’T ANYMORE!” Jackson growled as he lifted mark up and slammed his back against the lockers as he pounded.

“Uh shit, god this feel so good Jackson” Mark groaned as he wrapped his legs around Jackson waist.

Jackson fuck mark against the wall as mark raked his finger through Jackson hair as he nibble on his ear. Letting out hums and moans into Jackson ear made it harder for Jackson to keep himself from fucking the living hell out mark.

“Don’t hold back Jackson…” mark whisper seductively

“Destroy my body… show the beast you truly are” mark teased.

Jackson put mark down as he flip him around and bent him over, Mark placed his hand onto the locker as he turn his head to look at the way Jackson eyes become the eyes of a beast. Jackson pulled Mark from his hips and slammed his member into him, the way the slip right in made them both to shudder and groan. Mark as giggled as it slammed against Jackson pelvic and the red marks of finger prints that were being made on Mark’s hips by Jackson tight grip. Suddenly a weird tingling like a static and sizzling feeling began to form. Mark begin to moan louder as he could feel his body reaching his climax while Jackson continued to fuck him as he paces began to change all sloppy and messy.

“Uh right there fuck” Mark cum spread all over the locker

Jackson stayed inside of mark as he rolled his hips as he slowly released his cum inside of mark as he kissed mark back. Finally pulling out mark drops to the floor as he legs became weak Jackson sat down right beside him as he smirked and hiss the exhausted and out of breathe Mark. Mark smiled as he tried to stand back up but his legs tremble as his knees buckled he leaned against the lockers as Jackson quickly helped him support himself.

“Its okay I got it let me go” Mark pulled away as he fell forward.

“Let me help you please” Jackson plead

But mark pushed him away as he got dress and begin to limp away and out of the locker rooms. Jackson watched as mark walked away and got dress himself as while then looks around as he ruffled his hair, Jackson looked into him backpack and pulled out another beer and chugged it down. Meanwhile Mark waited inside of the elevator to reach the floor where their dorm was at, mark shiver in indisgust as he could feel the liquid slide down his thigh.

“Ugh why did I let him cum inside of me again…” mark remarked

“Why do I always give into him whenever I feel his touch?” Mark let out a heavy sigh

Mark walked into the empty dorm and into bathroom as he turn on the shower, letting the water hit his body mark wrapped his arm around himself as he could still feel Jackson warmth against him.

“I told myself not again don’t let him do this to you gain, damnit mark why are you so weak when your around him… why is it only when he drunk that he wants me?” a tear stream down marks cheek.

Meanwhile Jackson walked outside of the building as he raked his hair back as he looked up at the dark night sky, he smiled as he touch his lips Jackson could still feel the mark lips against his and the fire work inside of his stomach. Jackson smile quickly disappears as he remembers how he has to pretend to forget in order to not ruin his friendship with mark. Jackson hated the fact that he had to be a bit tipsy in order to make love to mark when he truly wants to express his feeling for mark but Jackson knew that if he did so mark wouldn’t accept him or so he thought.

“Why is someone like him capable of doing this to me” Jackson said under his breath

“Why does his in toxic my heart with his poison like this” mark mutters

“Why am I stuck in this in love toxic” the both said in unison.

“Jackson….” Mark called out silently as he look out the bathroom window and into the night sky

“Mark….” Jackson cooed as he looks up at the sky

“I love

.You so


They confess their love to the full born moon with such sincere and honest just like before, on the day they first made love to each other. their heart forever fated to be in love toxic chemicals that is destined to follow them forever down their path... a love toxic romance born underneath the fresh bloom born.....









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