High School King of Savvy Review

안녕하세요 Loverlys! KPopBeat here with another drama review/introduction!!

Today we are going to talk about the 2014 romantic comedy starring Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na, High School King of Savvy. The writers of this show know how to give you the feels. I found myself going through a whole roller coaster of emotions while watching this kdrama. Now like most people who know who Seo In Guk is… I was drawn to the show just to watch him and Lee Soo Hyuk…(drools)… er I mean… yea… They are both known for their acting talent, but what kept me interested in the show? The story line.

“High school student Lee Min Suk (Seo In Guk) is the carefree opposite of his older brother Hyung Suk: In fact, the only thing the brothers have in common is their uncanny resemblance, despite a 9-year age gap. But when Hyung Suk goes missing, Min Suk receives a mysterious tip-off instructing him to pose as his older brother — a powerful executive. With the help of Jung Soo Young (Lee Ha Na), a quirky temp worker, Min Suk just might be able to survive high school and the corporate world.” ~DramaFever Summary

This show is, in my opinion, fantastic. I was constantly wondering how this high school hockey player was going to survive the corporate world and how in the world Jung Soo Young was going to react to the fact that her boyfriend was an 18-year-old high schooler…. As someone who is 26 and just about as old as the lead character I probably would have run screaming if I found out the guy I was with… who I thought was 28… was actually 18… and a junior in high school…. Yup… long gone…. Anyways!

The writing was great…. For most of the show. After the main plot was completed the watchers were left with nothing more than the relationship between Lee Min Suk and Jung Soo Young. Personally? I think the ending was hurriedly put together and lacking for something special, but at the same time I was okay with it. Would I say throw the show to the curb and not watch it because of the ending? No. I enjoyed the show enough to say it is well worth the watch. The acting was great and watching a boy play Cooperate Director one minute and a high school hockey player the next was rather entertaining.

The cast for this show was well picked out and did not leave me wishing they had cast someone else…. well let’s introduce you to some of the cast (characters) shall we???

Seo In Guk (Lee Min Suk/Lee Hyung Suk):

Seo In Guk plays both the young high school hockey player Lee Min Suk who is suckered into playing the role of a Director at a company his brother is supposed to be working at, by the brother in question. He is just like every high school boy and has a tendency to let his emotions run wild… which usually means his temper. He is like a fish out of water in the corporate world and that is what leads us to most of our comedy filled encounters. He also plays the older brother Lee Hyung Suk who sent the other him into his job…. This is making my brain hurt.. how do you talk about the same person as another person…? Anyways!

Reply 1997, Rascal Sons, The Master’s Sun, Another Parting, The King’s Face, I Remember You and 38 Police Squad.




Lee Ha Na (Jung Soo Young):

Lee Ha Na plays the dorky, absent minded coworker Jung Soo Young. This girl is anything but grand. She is strange, uncoordinated, shows she is a sloppy drunk on more than one occasion and yet…. Still ends up as the tip in a love triangle I would love to be in lol. Her embarrassing moments stack up one on top of another and leave the watcher either cringing, feeling sorry for her, or rooting for her.

Alone in LoveWhen Spring Comes, Merry Mary, Women of the Sun, Triple, and most recently Unkind Women.





Lee Soo Hyuk (Yoo Jin Woo):

(Drool)…. *cough cough*…. Yes… Lee Soo Hyuk… He plays the role of the high and mighty Director Yoo Jin Woo who is at odds with our main lead Lee Min Suk. Yoo Jin Woo is not only our leads love rival but he is also that character you hate but as you get to understand them you like them just a little bit more. With a tragic family story and a whole lot of issues that leave him lacking in the emotions department the guy just needs some love. When he gets confessed to by our lead girl Jung Soo Young he fights with all of his might to get her away from him…. Only to wish he hadn’t… complicated right? You don’t even know the half of it. Besides the loverly shirtless scenes… (Yes we all know I love them) he is a main character that leaves you wishing him the best. Not to mention the man can act!

The Boy from Ipanema, Runaway Cop and Horror Stories 2.A Tree with Deep Roots, What’s Up, Vampire Idol, Shark, Valid Love, Scholar Who Walks the NightNeighborhood Hero, and Lucky Romance.


Given Name:



Lee Yeol Eum (Jung Yoo Ah):

Lee Yeol Eum plays the little sister to our main female lead, Jung Yoo Ah. She is basically the stalker in love with Lee Min Suk…. Yup I said it… She loves the guy that loves her sister… See the show is a bit messed up. Besides that, she is a bit stalkerish and I found myself rolling my eyes many times, but you still have to feel for the girl. She does care a lot about the hockey playing high school director.

Junior High Student Ayang, Divorce Lawyer in Love, Save the Family, The Village, and Monster.




Lee Tae Hwan (Oh Tae Suk):

Lee Tae Hwan plays the slightly intellectually lacking hockey friend of Lee Min Suk, Oh Tae Suk. He seems to always be hungry and along with another of Lee Min Suk’s friends, he takes slight advantage of having a friend that is a director at a company. He is sweet but just a little lacking making a character you can’t help but just love.

5urpriseAfter School: Lucky or Not (Both 1 & 2), One Fine Day in October, Pride and Prejudice, Hwajeong, and Thumping Spike.


Also Known As:



Kang Ki Young (Jo Duk Hwan):

Kang Ki Young plays the other hockey best friend to our main lead Lee Min Suk, Jo Duk Hwan. He is a bit smarter than our dear Lee Tae Hwan’s character though not much.

The Three Musketeers, Reset, Love Frequency 37.2, Shine or Go Crazy, Oh My Ghostess, Puck!, and Please Come Back Mister.




Jo Han Chul (Kim Chang Soo):

Jo Han Chul plays the role of the team manager in the company that Lee Min Suk goes undercover in. He is uptight, wound-up, and going to go completely crazy if he has to pretend to not know about the brother swap. He is always eccentric but always ends up bending to the will of the little high schooler. He is a comedic element that pulls the story together.

The Great Seer.She is Wow!, Prominent Women, Some Guys, Some Girls, Healer, Flower of the Queen, Oh My Ghostess, My Lawyer, Mr. Jo




Whelp that is all for this round of Reviews. Have you seen this show? What about some of the actors? Do you recognize them from something else? Let me know people!

Until Next Time Loverlys

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