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Who wants a new anime? Well as drawing is my hobby I decided to start making my own! I started a Wattpad story called MechaBlade and am looking for supporters. I am looking for other animators and story creators! I'll leave the story synopsis at the bottom. Leave any ideas, or contact info in the comments if you're interested! In the beginning God not only created the Word, but also three perfect beings: Lucifer, the angel embodied with God's beauty and jealousy. Lokey, embodied with God's mercy and love. Levi, embodied with God's anger and ambition. Before the creation of man Lucifer became jealous of God's power and was soon banished. After man had sinned, there was a need for Death, Lokey having pity on humans, volunteered for the role, and was sent to Earth. Not soon after Levi's ambition got ahead of him, and ended up pursuing the strength of God. Therefore God banished him. Upon arrival on Earth Levi became corrupted and was known as the evilest, and most vile being in existence, even over shadowing Lucifer. He became known as the Dragon of Dragons. One day God and Lucifer made a bet: If Levi was reborn as a human would he be as evil? Or would he return to his old self? Lucifer bet that he would be as evil, while God bet that he would be good. Thus he was reborn as Zachary Yakamoto! The story follows Zac living his human life as one of many demon hunters. Sooner or later he will remember who he really was, what will he do?

I love anime, and am a Jr. content creator. I love just about all anime except yaoi and yuri anime.
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