Summer Korean Recipe: 수박화채!

I was first introduced to this summer treat by L and Sunggyu on Sesame Player.


Their recipe:

Cut water melon in half and take out all the insides.

Put the insides in a container and add milk and cider to taste.


Now for a REAL recipe:

수박화채 is often translated as 'watermelon punch' and is normally eaten in the summer. I attached a video, but here's a transcription:

1/2 cup water1/2 cup sugarpot

2. Don't let the water boil! Just let the sugar melt to create a syrup then transfer it to a cool bowl.

watermelonpunch bowl or pitcher.


another bowl

sparkling water. *some people add milk as well to make it creamier, but its not necessary)


Who wants to come over for some RIGHT NOW?!

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