Intro to Refresh Man (Taiwanese Drama)

Taiwanese drama is finally making its way back to me again. A couple weekends ago, I started tuning in to T-dramas again and I found a two dramas with refreshing storylines. Honestly, the reason why I went idle with T-dramas was due to the fact it's always about triangle love and rich man falling for poor girl.

So, if you run of Korean drama this summer. I'll be sharing some of my favorite Taiwanese dramas. Starting with this one.

Refresh Man (後菜鳥的燦爛時代)


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The name of the drama doesn't really match up to the Chinese title. In direct translation, it's suppose to men a "Leftover Bird's Shining Era." You can probably guess this is about one girl's journey to finding motivation to break out of a fatigue career and improve oneself. There is of course a romance side of the drama. However, what caught my attention was the message behind the story. It encourages viewers to pursue their dreams. Not one bit of the drama was boring. All of the characters are smart and fun. It actually gives real tips on running a business.

Here's a quick briefing of the leading characters.

Aaron Yan plays a high school student that was bad at studying and lazy but eventually turn the table over when he started to spiff up to pursue Joanne Tseng.

On the other hand, Joanne Tseng was a top student in her high school but became a secretary. Her goal was to become an executive secretary but was always left behind.

Joanne's character used to be the one encouraging Aaron but that changes after Aaron becomes the CEO of her company...

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