Tao breaks down in tears and pleads antis to stop hating him at conference Article from AllKpop

Since his notorious departure from male group EXO, Tao has faced a lot of criticisms from anti-fans.  And at a recent movie premiere in Shanghai, the singer addressed how much hate he’s received from former fans. Crying as he plead anti-fans to stop harassing him, Tao explained, “Life is short and it passes by so quick. I don’t know why the world has changed so much. I’ve never thought of myself as a celebrity. This is just my job and celebrities are people too.  Do these anti-fans really have that much time on their hands to say bad things about me and my family online. They could be improving their own lives with that time instead. I haven’t killed anyone or started any fires. I haven’t broken the law, I’m just living my life.”

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