Rough & Kinky T.O.P (19+)


You moaned loudly into Seunghyun’s mouth as he suddenly picked you up, forcing your legs to wrap around his waist, and slammed you against the wall. You ignored the couple pictures that fell as you turned your head slightly, allowing him to reach deeper into your mouth. Seunghyun’s hands roamed quickly over your waist, breasts, back, and then ass. He squeezed it roughly, earning him a sharp moan. Your hands pulled violently at the buttons of his dress shirt, popping them as you went. You needed to touch his body now. Supporting you against the wall, his hands traveled up your back to the zipper of your dress. His started unzipping it until it caught. He growled deeply and ripped the back of your dress open, exposing your perk nipples to him as it fell forward. He pulled the bodice further down and his mouth captured one of your nipples as his hand came up and pinched the other. You saw stars as he bit down suddenly. Clawing at his back, you moaned out his name, begging for more. He pulled you away from the wall, and stumbled with you down the hall to the bedroom. You were glad the door was ajar because Seunghyun kicked it open and kicked it shut, his mouth never leaving yours. He threw you down onto the bed, but then walked over to the closet. You propped yourself up on your elbow, eyebrows furrowed as you watched him. Your confusion immediately vanished as he returned with one of his ties and a thin shirt. Seunghyun crawled back on top of you and slid you up the bed until you were near the headboard. He grabbed your hands, forcing them above your head and tied them to the headboard. “Yah~…. I want to touch you!” You whined. Seunghyun just smirked. He bent down next to your ear, speaking in his deep, seductive voice, “Oh well.” He then picked up the shirt and tied it over your eyes. “Seung-ah~!” You pouted. He suddenly captured your lips. “Shut up,” he chuckled against your lips, “you’re going to like it.” With that, he ripped the rest of your dress off and threw it to the side. You felt him get up and heard him undressing himself, so that when he was back on top of you, you could feel his member hitting your thigh. You moaned. Seunghyun straddled your hips and you could feel his member rub against your panties. He smacked your breast. “Tell me how much you want it.” You moaned. He smacked it again, harder. “Tell me how much you want it.” You moaned louder, moaning that you wanted it. He suddenly grabbed both of your breasts, kneading them roughly. “Come on, _____! Tell me how much!” He growled, pinching your nipples hard. “I FUCKING WANT IT FUCKING BAD, SEUNGHYUN!!” You screamed at him. He chuckled and ripped your panties off. However, you felt his weight leave the bed. After a few seconds, you called out to him. “Seunghyun?” All of a sudden you felt his face between your legs. You whimpered as you felt his tongue slide over your folds and flick over your clit. You bucked your hips, wanting more, but he pinned them down. His tongue finally slid between your folds and lapped at your entrance. You couldn’t help but try to buck your hips again, but they were firmly held in place. You tugged your bonded hands hard, feeling his tongue breach your entrance, continuing to lap up all your juices. “You taste so fucking good, baby.” The vibrations from his voice against your womanhood sent your senses into overdrive. His name rolled off your tongue repeatedly as his tongue rubbed vigorously over your sensitive spot. You whimpered loudly as you came into his mouth. He hummed, sucking it all up, and tears were starting to run down your face in pleasure. “Baby, please…. Please…. I need to touch you. I need to see you.” You begged him. Slowly, he removed his face from between your legs and climbed back up to your face. You could taste yourself as he kissed you roughly, finally untying your wrists. You ripped the makeshift blindfold off and cupped his face, pushing hard back into the kiss. You pushed him onto his back and broke the kiss, reaching over to the bedside drawer to grab a condom. You ripped it open with your teeth and started slowly unrolling it over his swollen cock. He moaned and your name rolled off his tongue as you squeezed his base roughly. You positioned yourself over his member and slammed yourself down. Pain wasn’t even an issue anymore; your senses completely overrode any pain with extreme pleasure. “F-fuck!” Seunghyun moaned. You were so tight it took all his energy not to cum right then. Desperate for fulfillment, you started bouncing up and down on his cock, his hands grasped tightly on your hips. Soon, he was thrusting his hips up to meet you each time you came back down. The sound of slapping skin bounced off the walls of the room as each thrust became progressively faster and messy. Finally, you hit your climax again. Your walls squeezed in on Seunghyun as you screamed out his name. He was sent over the edge and he moaned out your name as he came. He pushed you onto your back again and finished riding out his orgasm. After a few seconds to catch his breath, Seunghyun pulled out and disposed of the condom. He laid back down and pulled you close. “We should have more date nights like this,” You said, giggling. He kissed the side of your head, chucking, “I wouldn’t mind that.”


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