Do Me Your Worst GD (19+)


‘You don’t trust me?’ Jiyong spoke into your neck. With his open lips against your skin, you almost begged that he would involve his neck, but he was too smart to satisfy you all at once. ‘Why do you think that?’ you tried to turn to his ear, and get him to stop teasing you, but your movement only caused him to scoot closer to you, sending a chill down your spine. Tried to hide it from him, you tightly crossed your legs, also not allowing him any access. He finally moved to look at you. ‘Because you clearly like me. So why don’t you let me in?’ You looked at the half empty cup of a mixed drink in his hand. Knowing Jiyong, one, that drink was more alcohol than the mixer, and two, it was probably his fourth of the night. ‘It’s not you I don’t trust. It’s your intentions.’ ‘Aren’t I a gentleman to you?’ he pouted. ‘I open doors for you, call up to check on you, ask if you need anything, always wish you a good night. I’m more than good to you.’ You sighed. He did do all that, and more. ‘You are good to me.’ ‘But I can also be bad, if you want.’ His words shallowed your breathing. Distracted, he was able to uncross your legs and place one over his own thigh. ‘Ya, we’re in the middle of people.’ During Jiyong’s attempt to seduce you, he had forgotten where he was, showing how much interest and likeliness he took to you. ‘Then why don’t we get out of here?’ Almost in disbelief in what was happening, you tried to bring Jiyong back to reality. ‘You’re drunk.’ ‘Ya!’ He had enough of you denying him. ‘I actually like you. I want to keep calling you just to check in, and do favours for each other, and surprise you at work when you least expect it. I want to be able to walk on the street with you hand in hand, and be able to kiss you goodnight. I want to do all that as your man!’ You looked at him wide eyed. The music was too loud for anyone else to have heard what he said, only being as close to him as you were made it possible to hear his confession. After blankly looking at him, you started chuckling. ‘What’s funny? [Y/N], why are you laughing?’ ‘Took you long enough to admit it.’ You continued to laugh. By his reaction you could tell he was scared for a moment. ‘It’s not funny…’ he said with a hint of detectable sadness in his voice. ‘Aw, Ji, I’m sorry. That was just adorable.’ You pulled him in for a hug but he kept his arms down. ‘Jiyong, it’s okay… Like you said, I like you too…’ Still nothing. ‘What, now you don’t want me?’ Not wanting to give you that impression, he quickly hugged you back, at the same time leaning you back onto the long sofa so that he laid on top of you. ‘I already told you, we’re—‘ ‘Then let’s go home.’ It was only past two in the morning. For Jiyong’s standards, it was still early, as a regular night would end at least at five in the morning. ‘Are you sure?’ you asked. ‘I’ve already let my emotions out, it’s too late to ask that now.’ He got off you and offered a hand. He wanted finish his drank, but you put it down for him, stating that he’d had enough. He rolled his eyes, ultimately putting it down again. He made sure you were in front of him at all times, choosing to keep you close by having your back to his chest as you both moved forward. Feeling his warm body so close against yours was a new sensation but felt more than right. You were almost disappointed when he detached himself from you once you had reached outside, no longer needing to keep you so close. Still wanting to have some form of contact, you held one of his hands with both hands. He sensed your eagerness to be close to him. ‘Now you don’t wanna let go of me, do you?’ ‘I can let go anytime I want.’ ‘You wouldn’t dare.’ Damn, he was right. The car that would drive you home arrived within seconds. Like the gentleman he had always been to you, he opened the door for you offering you enter first. Not wanting to go in the conventional way, left leg and side of the body first, you instead decided to climb into the car, crawling to your seat. Being the smart man that Jiyong was, he knew you did it purposely to give him a view from the back. With that, before you sat down, he smacked your right cheek slightly causing you to yelp. ‘That was unnecessary!’ you laughed knowing that you were caught. ‘Keep that up and I won’t be so nice next time.’ ‘You promise?’ You swore it was the liquid courage that gave you so much confidence to test Jiyong. But once you said it, you had to own it, not letting him see that you might have to bite your tongue. ‘You provoke me, I provoke you.’ With every word, he inched closer to you as you sat at the farthest corner away from him. You didn’t want to move, you couldn’t even if you did. You thought you would come for your lips there and then, but before doing so, he tugged you under him by pulling your by the back of your knees. The unexpected move causing you to yelp again and then giggling. ‘How many more times are you gonna make me jump like that?’ you asked smiling brightly at him and he hovered over you. ‘I can make you do more than just that.’ With that, he finally lowered his lips to yours, starting off slowly and softly, testing your waters and how far you’d let him go. Once you pulled him closer and he could settle himself between your thighs, it gave him permission to kiss you a little harder, biting your lower lips ever so often and wetting his tongue with yours. Wanting to get into a more safe position, and one in which you had more control, you temporarily pushed him off you and sat him down in the middle seat, quickly straddling him before he could object. ‘Is this how you play?’ he said pulling your dress up your legs so you could settle yourself into his crotch a little harder, causing him to hiss. ‘This isn’t even the good part yet.’ Things that were coming out of your mouth were things you’d only dream of saying. Having liquor run through you enabled to you to actually say them with very little regret. And by how Jiyong reacted to you, you were definitely going to keep this up. You resumed kissing him just as deeply as before, but now he had access to grab onto your lower cheeks, each grope becoming fuller and harder. Eventually, he held on to cause a wave motion in your hips, making you grind against him. The feeling of his clothed growing erection onto your barely covered crotch made you pant irregularly. You dipped your head into the crook of Jiyong’s neck and shoulder, biting down on him to stop yourself from moaning. But the motion grew its pace and the friction meant you could no longer hold it in. ‘Oh, fuck,’ you exasperated. Your ministrations close to Jiyong’s ear meant he too couldn’t hide it. ‘Look at me,’ he ordered. When you were too lost in your pleasure to pay him any attention, he let go of your ass to hold the back of your neck, and moved his hand to grab onto a fistful of your hair. Not painfully, but still enough to send a rush through you, you stopped as you were forced to look at him, pleasure obvious in your expression. ‘You have no idea what I’m going to do to you.’ His voice was dangerously low, half husky, half moaning. ‘Do me your worst.’ He pulled you in to kiss you, no longer preoccupied with not being gentle enough with you. He wanted you, and he wanted you bad. Finally you reached your destination; his apartment. He moved quickly to get you both out, barely giving you enough time to straighten yourself out. As you walked in his hand, your free one was used to straighten the back of your head where Jiyong’s hand once was, as you threaded your fingers through your hair you could feel the good pain that was once there, and you thought of how much you wanted it to come back. Going past the lobby and into a lift, Jiyong thought he could continue with making you come undone until you pushed him with one swift move. He became confused until he turned around to see the three other people who were coming into the lift with you two. You were both still close but the space definitely felt tighter. There was still enough space that he could move behind you so that your backside was planted onto his crotch. If he was hard before, he’s definitely harder now. With your dress being slowly hiked up, you couldn’t verbally protest, and instead held Jiyong’s hand placed on your thigh tightly, warning him stop. He completely ignored you. Your panties were in full view and your body grew uncomfortably hot. Some reassurance came when the three people didn’t seem to know what was going on as they all faced forward with their backs to you. You looked at him over your shoulder attempting to glare at him, but he only lightly kissed below your ear as his way of saying ‘relax’. You thought that was as far as he’d go. Wrong. The same hand he used before was now making its way to your crotch. You widened your eyes and almost said something, but his other hand was too quick and covered your mouth before you were allowed to say anything. His other hand now traced your lower with two of his fingers through your panties. You fought hard not to make a sound, and instead held onto Jiyong’s side, your grip on him becoming tighter as he was able to move your panties to the side. His fingers became slick in your wetness, giving him enough lubricant to start toying with your clit. Your knees shuddered as it became increasingly difficult for you to stay up. He rubbed at you with a steadier rhythm, making you sigh deeply but quietly into his hand. You didn’t think it’d be fair to let him have all the fun and snaked a hand behind you, laying a flat palm on his cock. As you created a grip around him, you felt him also buckle into his knees. Stroking him harder, you thought that would make him stop teasing you. Wrong again. He quickened his circles on your clit and held onto your mouth harder; he knew you wouldn’t be able to last long. No longer being able to hold onto him, you pushed harder onto his crotch. Jiyong parted his mouth gasping for air, at the same time thinking when were all these people going to leave the lift. Just as he asked, and luckily for him, they had reached a floor they had all left in. Waiting until the doors once again closed, he finally released you. ‘Oh my god,’ you were finally able to say, detaching yourself from him noticeably out of breath. ‘That was way too close.’ ‘I thought you’d cum on my fingers any second now,’ he laughed. ‘If you kept going, I might have.’ He pulled you back into him, this time facing him. ‘Are you that wet for me already?’ Your palm returned to his cock. ‘Exactly as you are hard for me.’ Your lips attached themselves onto his neck, nipping and sucking at it, quickly finding his sweet spot. As you continued to rub him, you felt him swallowing hard, causing you smile against his neck. The lift finally reached Jiyong’s floor. Once again he took the lead, and quicker than ever before, you were finally in. Instantly Jiyong planted you against the nearest wall, picking up one leg and draping it over his hip. He showed a variety in his kisses, starting off the night soft and sweet, to then rough and unforgiving, and now slow and sensual. You could kiss this man for hours on end, how soft his lips felt, how they moulded perfectly against yours and how he skilfully used his tongue, you wondered where else his tongue would do well for. Eventually picking you up and taking you to his bedroom, he gently laid you down, never losing contact from your lips. You began to undress him, one button shirt at a time, wanting to savour every second of this moment. Once his top half was bare, he then proceeded to slide your dress off, you being far too gone and turned on to care that you were exposed to him. But before you let him go any further, you moved so that he would now lay down and you could be over him again. ‘You really like being on top, don’t you?’ ‘I wanna have fun too.’ You began leaving long pecks along his neck and shoulder, moving down his chest and stomach. Reaching to his trousers, he anticipated as you unbuttoned them and removed them, leaving him only is his boxers. You returned to his waist, leaving small kisses all around, purposely teasing him. He groaned in slight frustration but decided to wait. Finally, slowly but surely, his boxers came off too. His cock stood up in attention, a small amount of pre-cum already leaking. His heavy breathing and your need for him meant you didn’t want to tease him anymore; you held him, warm in your hand, and used his own lubrication to swipe your thumb over the back of the head where it was most sensitive. ‘Holy shit,’ Jiyong sunk into the pillow and the mattress at the realisation how sensitive you had made him become. Seeing him succumb to your slightest touches created excitement within you; if this is how he reacted to the smallest things, you couldn’t wait to see how else he’d react. No longer wanting to wait, you lowered your mouth onto him, at first just swiping your tongue across the same spot slowly, just to see him twitch again. As your tongue continued, he now looked at you through heavy lids, his breathing much deeper than before. ‘Come on, baby, don’t tease.’ ‘You want more?’ you looked up at him, slowly tugging him. ‘You’re gonna make me beg?’ he raise an eyebrow. Your strokes slowed down, showing that you were being serious. Not wanting you to stop, he quickly gave in. ‘Okay, okay. Baby, please. We’ve come this far, don’t deny me now.’ You picked up speed in your hand movement, but still far too slow for Jiyong’s liking. ‘Jesus Christ, [Y/N], are you really going to—‘ Unable to finish his sentence, you instantly took his full length into your mouth. His breathing became ragged and irregular with your mouth and hands now all working together in unison, as well as your tongue rotating around his head. It was all too much for Jiyong. ‘How the—oh fuck—where did you—‘ How your mouth worked on him truly left him speechless, moaning and grunting freely. His reaction was enough to make you want to keep going. What really did it for you was his hand creeping to the back of your head again in the attempt to make you go lower down onto him. As you relaxed your throat and reached the base of his cock, his grip on you became tighter. Going down on him as far as you could, and feeling him hit the absolute limit of your throat a couple more times, he pulled you off him. You gasped deeply for him, taking the back of your hand to wipe of the corners of your lips. Still holding onto your hair, he pulled you up, making you crawl up to him. ‘You really are something,’ he panted, ‘but it’s my turn now, don’t you think?’ Much like what you did to him, you were now underneath him and he kissed you from your lips to your neck and shoulders. But now, he paid much attention to your already hard nipples. Knowing what he was about to do, and just how sensitive your nipples were, you gulped, anticipating his next move. He sensed your eagerness and so only took little, but wet, swipes at your left nipple. Those movements alone were enough to make you hiss. With each small stroke of his tongue, you felt yourself become wetter and wetter. The small swipes became long licks, and with his free hand he took the time to massage your other breast, using his index finger to flick at your right nipple. ‘Jiyong,’ you breathed out. Hearing his name fall from your lips was enough to make him suck at your nipple harshly, the mixture of pain and pleasure causing you to moan loudly. Wanting to hear more, he moved his mouth to your right nipple, giving it the same treatment. You were indescribably wet now and couldn’t wait any longer for Jiyong to touch you. Instead, you snuck a hand in between your legs and under your panties, feeling just how wet Jiyong had made you. It was enough to completely coat your index and middle fingers, using your wetness to rub at your clit, only slowly and cautiously as you still wanted Jiyong to be the one to make you cum. You were only at this for a few seconds before Jiyong moved his hand to your wrist, ultimately stopping your movements. He brought your hand up to look at your glistening fingers. You went through all the options that Jiyong could do next, each more exciting than the last. But before the list was completed, you felt Jiyong’s tongue in between your wet fingers, and then taking your index finger completely into his mouth. You couldn’t believe how hot Jiyong looked as he sucked the wetness from your finger. When he also took your middle finger into his mouth, sucking them completely clean, your eyes rolled to the back of your head, groaning deeply. Jiyong was driving you insane. He chuckled into your neck at your reaction, placing long kissed of your neck’s pressure point. Kissing his way up he reached your ear. ‘Just as sweet as I thought you’d be.’ Jiyong and his use of words made you scream internally and your legs tremble. His profound effect on you was one you’d never had with anyone else before, and he still hadn’t even made you reach an orgasm yet. Not wanting to waste any more time, he moved himself in between you, quickly discarding your soaked panties, pushing your thighs apart to a desired position. ‘Haven’t you teased me enough?’ you whined. ‘Can’t wait anymore?’ You shook your head. ‘Me either.’ Jiyong finally dipped into your pussy with a flat tongue, letting your juices fully coat him. When he moved up his tongue to come into full contact with your engorged clit, you arched your back. ‘Oh my god,’ you exhaled. He continued with his long strokes of his tongue on your clit, making you moan with each swipe. Thinking he was moving too slowly to deliberately tease you, you tried to make him go faster. ‘Jiyong, baby… Can you just–?’ ‘Hmm?’ ‘Please can you just—‘ Before you knew it, he began to administer fast and hard licks on your clit, making it almost hard to breath. You clenched down on the bed sheets as he solely concentrated on your clit. You panted deeply, curses laced your ragged breathing. Your hips stuttered uncontrollably, making it impossible to control yourself as Jiyong worked his mouth skilfully on your pussy and clit. ‘Fuck!’ you yelled, his tongue hitting your clit from every angle, every lick sending the most pleasurable shocks through your body. You continued to moan and groan loudly, not caring who would hear. Once he started sucking on your clit, you swore you completely lost it. ‘Oh my—Holy shit, please don’t stop!’ you screamed at the top of your lungs. He moaned, his lips vibrating against you. With that you gripped onto his hair whilst the other hand toyed with your breast, heightening the sensation. ‘Oh fuck,’ you screwed your eyes shut. ‘I’m so close.’ Never letting up, Jiyong now hand both arms hooked under your thighs, making sure you wouldn’t move anywhere and away from him. ‘Jiyong!’ ‘Are you gonna come for me?’ he muffled against you. ‘Fuck yes!’ Three more hard sucks and hips concaved, the orgasm hitting harder than ever before. Your heart beat dangerously fast and your breathing stopped. Only after a few seconds of absolute euphoria were you able to take a hard gasp trying to restore your breathing. But Jiyong didn’t stop; he continued sucking with the same intensity as before. ‘Baby, please!’ He ignored you and drove you into overstimulation. You begged for him to slow down but he didn’t, only making you yelp and twitch. Only moments later, after you moaned and pleaded for him to stop did Jiyong slow down. As he released your thighs, your legs began jittering. As you finally came down from your orgasm, started giggling, amazed by what had just happened. ‘Why didn’t we do this earlier?’ ‘Because you’re stubborn as fuck.’ ‘Well, it was well worth the wait.’ Your body felt as it could shatter at any second with any slight touch from Jiyong making you flinch. You would continue to laugh at how much of an effect he had on you, and he loved it too. ‘It was that good?’ You nodded. ‘But baby, we’re not done yet.’ Lost in everything, you almost forgot that Jiyong still needed to get off. He reminded you by how heavy his cock felt against your thigh, moving your hand told hold him, stroking him. He sighed deeply into your neck. ‘Let me take care of you.’ Thinking he’d allow to get on top again, you started to shift your body weight to try and lay him down. But Jiyong stopped you before you could move any further. ‘Nuh uh, I’m the one who’s gonna fuck you numb.’ By his tone of voice you knew he wasn’t joking. You bit your lower lip. Do me your worst, as you previously said. First reaching for the draw of the bedside table to retrieve a condom, he sat up on his knees in between your legs. As you waited, you could help but test just how sensitive you still were from your previous orgasm. Rubbing your clit a few times, your lower body tingled, proving that you still had not fully settled down. You didn’t have much time to ponder over it, because as soon as Jiyong had put the condom on, he pulled you closer to him by your hips. First he teased your clit with the head to get you wetter for him, and your back began to arch. Finally he teased your entrance, only letting the tip in. Excruciatingly slowly, Jiyong slid into you, each inch filling you up more and more. You gasped as he went deeper, your pussy holding onto him like a vice, but your warmth and wetness felt too good to stop. Filling you up until your absolute limit, you whined in disbelief. ‘Holy fuck,’ you whispered. Jiyong scrunched up his face as he tried to hold himself back, trying to savour the moment. ‘Why didn’t we do this earlier?’ he panted. ‘Jiyong,’ you glared at him, ‘just fuck me already!’ That was all he needed to move his hips to slam into you. At first he fucked you slow and hard, leaning over to hold onto his headboard with one hand, the other helping him balance as he pounded into you. With each thrust he grunted, taking in your facial expression of complete ecstasy, the feeling too good for words. He picked up his pace as his hips moved in a more rapid motion, and you felt him hit that sweet spot inside you. ‘Jesus Christ!’ you finally spoke, followed by moaning his name. You looked down to see just how he fucked you, his and your hips moving in unison to bring you both pleasure. ‘You like that, [Y/N]?’ he panted. ‘You like it when I fuck you like this?’ He picked up your right leg, hiking it up so it would rest on his left shoulder, now being able to hit you spot from a new angle. ‘Oh my god, yes,’ your heaving breathing making you inaudible. ‘Say it louder.’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Louder. ‘Yes!’ Jiyong could hold himself back anymore. He thrusted into with all the power and energy he had left. He too moaned your name as coaxed his and your orgasm. ‘Fuck, baby, you feel so good. So, fucking, good.’ ‘Jiyong, I’m gonna cum again.’ ‘Hold it.’ You raised your eyebrows. ‘I can’t!’ Jiyong kept up his intense pace, and you were about to burst at any minute. But you tried to hold back for him, the only way possible being to tighten your pussy even more, essentially gripping around him even more. ‘Fuck, do that again,’ he begged. You continued to intentionally grip around him if you were to hold out your orgasm until he was close. But with each second it became more and more impossible. ‘Jiyong, I can’t anymore, it feels too good.’ ‘Touch yourself.’ He took your hand to your clit, motioning you to rub yourself as he fucked you. You knew that if you did so, you’d come instantly. Instead, with your fingers, you created an upside-down V on his length. ‘[Y/N]!’ He was finally close enough and you were ready to let go. With a few more thrusts, he ordered ‘Cum for me.’ ‘Jiyong, please!’ ‘Now!’ On cue, you drenched him completely with your second orgasm, pounding into you harshly until his hips began to stutter, a strained moan of your name indicating he too came. Two more deep thrusts and he had emptied himself into the condom but still remained inside of you. He laid on top of you, careful enough to not put all of his weight onto you. But you pulled him closer by his neck to embrace him, completely wrapping your legs around him, his face nuzzling in the crook of your neck and shoulder, the warmth of his body over you feeling like a blanket. You both came down and your breathing was restored after inhaling and exhaling deeply. Jiyong had recovered enough kiss your neck softly, moving his way up to your cheeks and finally your lips, resting his lips on yours. ‘Baby,’ he whispered. ‘Mmm?’ He smiled against your lips. ‘I’m still hard.’ You pulled him up to look down at him still inside you, still stretching you completely. You raised an eyebrow with a smirk on your face. ‘Do you have time?’ ‘I’ve got all night.’


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