Ikon ScreenShot Story Game: Roles Switched Part 8

Hi Ikon fanatics! I am back with Part 8 of the Ikon Screenshot Story Game! Again, I am sorry for taking a while to post and update things.

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You saw that he fell to the floor not moving. You went closer to him to make sure he was still breathing and not dead. Thankfully he was still breathing so you took the metal pipe with you in case you bumped into one of the other members. As you started to climb the steps from where you we're kept hostage, you heard a noise coming from one of the rooms. "Damnit, someone must still be here then" You muttered quietly to yourself You slowly tiptoed to the Living Room to make your escape. "HEY! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING (Y/S/N)" A voice called out after you You turned around and saw


(Make sure it's not (TeaseBoy or TargetBoy))

I stared at him talking on the phone. He had dragged me to the couch to sit. "Mhm okay will do. You want me to put her back and tie her up again? Aish why can't I wait until you get here to do it?" I hear him say Shit, I gotta think of something quick. I am not going back down there. I started to come up with 2 ideas on what to do.


(If you got, Fake you weren't feeling well, continue this slide, If the restroom one, skip this one and go to the other slide down below where the arrow is)Okay then...Lets begin with this new plan.Hehehehe Got Him.

'Okay, plan is working just fine'Shit.(Go to slide where the ❌ is after this)

(If You got, The restroom one, continue on this one)Okay then...Lets begin with this new plan.(Go to slide where the ❌ is after this)

The rest of the boys finally showed up after their long day getting supplies they needed. (TeaseBoy) was about to go check on (Y/S/N) when he met up with (#1 Guy) standing in front of the restroom door. "What are you doing there? Your supposed to be watching Y/S/N" (TeaseBoy says) While that was going on (TargetBoy) made his way back up and met with the two other boys talking amongst themselves. "What happened to you?" (#1 Guy) says to (Target Boy) "(Y/S/N) hit me in the back with a pipe" He replies massaging his head Both both looked at each other in shock. "So it was your fault she escaped from there in the first place?!?!?!" (TeaseBoy) yells out "Where is she?" He continues (#1 Guy) pointed to the restroom. "How long has she been in there?" (TeaseBoy) says "Not long...I mean...5 minutes...No....idk..." (#1 Guy) replies "Son of a Bitch!" (TeaseBoy) yells out pushing him out of the way opening the door to an empty room "YOU IDIOT, YOU LET HER ESCAPE!" (TeaseBoy) yells grabbing (#1 Guy) shirt angrily. One of the other boys heard the yelling and came to see what was going on.


(Make sure it's not TeaseBoy, TargetBoy, or #1Guy)


The sound of the gun goes off. Tears started sliding down your cheek as you see the horror that has happened in front of your own eyes. (TeaseBoy's) Body falling down to the ground.


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