Sweet Talk: Para Obtener Un Sí

How about a little Shakira to get you through your Tuesday?

Here's one of my favorite Shakira songs, called "How to Get a 'Yes'"...

Ay, ay como muero por ti

Cómo poder olvidarte

Basta que me enamores

O que me mandes flores

Para obtener un sí


Ah, ah, how I long for you

How can I forget about you?

All you need to do is to make me fall in love

Or to send me flowers

In order to get a 'yes'


Para - In order to

Obtener - obtain, get

Un - One, A

Sí - Yes

What do YOU need to say yes to someone asking you out, or even asking you to marry them?

Does flowers do the trick, a love letter, or maybe just the right person at the right time?



Ya tengo ojeras de tanto mirarte

I have bags under my eyes from watching you so much

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