How Did You Get Into Taiwanese Drama?

I was so excited to find a couple of vinglers who watches Taiwanese Drama! I thought it'll be a great idea to hear how you guys got into T-dramas. Here's an brief intro of myself!

How I got into Taiwanese Drama?

I grew up watching Hong Kong series (TVB dramas) with my family. During high school I was introduced to Taiwanese drama, Meteor garden through a C-pop group called F4 with members (Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vaness Wu, Ken Chu). From there I branched out to other Taiwanese dramas staring the same actresses and actors.


One of my favorite Taiwanese Drama:

In Time With You (我可能不會愛你)


This was a really refreshing and realistic story. It centers around a pair of high school besties. The guy obviously is interested in the girl but timing prevents them from expressing his true feeling. In addition, the girl is in denial due to fear of loosing the friendship.

My favorite actors/actresses...


Aaron Yan


Vivian Sung


Rainie Yang

Chris Wu


Oh and how can I forget the Bromance crew. ;)

Megan Lai, Borin Chan, Bii

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