Laid to Wait - chapter 4

Genre: Fantasy, romance

Summary: You had to get it no matter the cost.

Part: 4/?

A/N We left off on a cliffhanger, wow really no pun intended lolI didn't mean to keep you waiting this long.

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I was still stuck on the cliff. My arms were sore from hanging for so long. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold on. Every few seconds I would look down just to see how far the fall would be. Could I possibly just climb down?

There was a clearing all the way down, and it didn’t look that far. But I could be wrong. I thought about climbing down. I took in my surroundings. There were no other branches around, except for one way too out of reach for my smol arms. If I could just reach a little farther. A sudden jolt made me look to arm for support. It was too late, I was pulling from the cliff wall. I had to get to the other branch before this one broke. What if I tried swinging and making a jump for it? That could work. But then this branch would give way for sure. It was worth a try. I swung myself back and forth. Keeping an eye on the branch out of reach and my own. Every kick I made with my leg forced the branch to come out a little farther. I was close enough to grab the branch, but not close enough. If I jumped too soon I could just fall off. My arms were getting too weak to keep myself up. I had to get down. I finally got enough momentum to grab the other branch. I reached out for it and grazed the tip. Just a little more. I swung back on my branch, and snap.

The branch snapped right from under me. I thought I had time to get to the other branch, but I didn’t. I was falling again. I kept grabbing for anything that could break my fall. Nothing was there.

I was flipping all which way in the air. I would be facing the ground, and then I would be looking at the sky. I was scared as to how I was going to land. At this point I didn’t want to land. I was going so fast. I kept screaming hoping someone would hear me. Maybe they could find a way to stop me. When I looked down again, the earth started sloping. I brushed my hand on the dirt, and got pulled into the grounds friction. I started rolling down the slope, finding every which way to roll the right way and have my feet stop me.

I was slowing down but the momentum I picked up from rolling kept me going. I caught a glimpse of an object in my path. It was big and hard. I couldn’t see it. It was round but bumpy. Like a rock. To my surprise it was a really big rock. Every roll I made I dug my feet into the ground. Trying ever so hard to stop myself before I hit the rock. I couldn’t stop as soon as I planned. I collided with the rock, making a big smack. I was able to put my hands in front of my face so it didn’t hit the rock. When I finally stopped moving I rolled over to see the damage. My elbows were all scrapped up, blood gushing out. My hands had tiny holes in the palm from the needles in the grass. When I looked at my knees all I saw was red. I tried bending them. It hurt so badly, I knew at that moment I couldn’t walk for the day. I had to get up though. If I stayed put my knees would get stiff and I wouldn’t be able to walk for days. I had to find a watering hole. Or at least a stream.

I pushed up on my hands and about fell over. I blocked the pain out and got up. Never thought there would come a day when walking would be the hardest thing to do. I didn’t know where I was at this point. I walked the edge of yet another cliff, looking for any possible ways to get down. The height wasn’t that far, only a few feet down. But I was not climbing down. I saw a clearing that had some kind of slope with steps on it. I could use that to get to the water. When I got to the steps I didn’t notice how hard it might be on me. It didn’t look that far down. I sat on my butt and went down step by step on my butt. It hurt a little, but not as much as it did when I was walking. I felt like I was a child once again, sliding down the stairs on my butt.

At the end of the stairs I got up and walked to a big tree that was blocking my way. I had to climb over that before I could get to the water. Walking the length of the tree I found the smaller side and got on. I could just walk over it. To my left was swamp, but farther down was clear water. On my right were the steps I climbed. I walked the log. It helped that I couldn’t walk fast; I seemed to keep my balance better. Going down the log the swamp started to disappear. And nice fresh water came up. I hopped off the log and walked to a little beach area. I sat close to the water and put my feet in. The water was nice and cool on my burning hot bloody skin.

The only way to get to my knees was to take my pants off. After pulling my now torn jeans I sat in the water. I rubbed at my knees, then my hands. Finally I washed down my elbows. When I was all done washing I lie down and let the sun dry my wet skin.

I went to roll over when searing pain went up my hands. I looked down at them, they were still red and the hole they had got bigger. I tore the bottom half of my top shirt and wrapped it the best I could around my hands.

There I lay, in the sun healing my wounds. My mouth salivating. I hadn’t had food for almost two days. Most of the time I wasn’t even thinking about it. Either I was hanging from a cliff or falling to my death. Not much time to think about food. But now that I was sitting down and relaxing from all my near death experiences, I felt hunger attack my stomach. I rolled over and sat up. There were no trees around, besides the ones way up high on the cliff. The only other object that might have any thing possible to eat was the little stream in front of me.

I walked to the edge and saw little fish. Maybe they get bigger as you go more in the water.

The water was a little rough. I waded in the water. If I stayed still enough fish swam by me. The water was really clear so I got to see what I was going to try to catch. I got out of the water and looked around. I could possibly make some kind of spear.

There were little sticks around the stream. I looked for the biggest one. Not too heavy and not too light. I finally found the right one. After I inspected it I went to find a rock/one that I could sharpen the tip of the stick with. I found the right rock. Right away I got to work. I sat down with the stick in one hand and the rock in the other. I started sharpening one side of the stick, when it looked good enough I worked on another side. When I was done I had one sweet looking spear.

I waded out in the water again. The fish swam by me, not even knowing that they were soon going to be my food. I raised my spear up very slowly. I had the fish right in eye sight. As quick as a blink I shot my arm down and speared the fish. I pulled my spear up and saw a big floppy fish on it. I jumped for joy. I thought it was going to be really hard to catch a fish.

I walked back to shore and sat the fish down on the ground. I didn’t care that it got dirty. I found other sticks and built them up. I found some flint rocks and sparked them together, sparks flew and I had my fire. I held the fish over the fire while it cooked. I don’t think I waited for it to be done. I was so hungry. When it started smoking I took it off the fire and took a big bite into it. It was so juicy and so good. I scarfed it down. The fish so settled my hunger. When I got done I laid on my back. My hands on my stomach. Just that small fish filled me full.

As I looked up into the sky I watched the clouds go by. I start imagining what everyone back home is doing. I wonder what Mang is doing too. I mentally pictured Hongbin and his little brother Hyuk playing soccer out in the front yard. I missed Mrs. Lee and hoped she was doing well too. I pictured her outside with the boys on a lawn chair reading an old book.

When I look back at the clouds I wished I was sharing them with everyone. I wished that Hongbin, Hyuk (even only knowing them for a few weeks), Mrs. Lee, my mother, and my father were all here to enjoy the nice clouds outside. Just thinking about my mother made me miss her even more. It made me want to look even harder for that special medicine she needs.

I wanted to go home. I wanted to find what I was looking for. I wanted to wake up from this very horrible dream. I kept saying what I wanted over and over again. Every time you say something you want you seem to get it. That was my thinking. So I kept saying what I wanted, but I never seemed to get. I was getting frustrated. Nothing worked out the way I wanted it to. I hated the thought of wanting it all together. You never got what you wanted. When you never got what you wanted you wanted it even more, that it makes you go crazy.

I couldn’t keep myself away from wanting things. But I seemed to keep myself away from things I needed. I needed food. I needed help. I needed out of here. No take that back, I wanted out of this place. I wanted help. I wanted food. I got food.

The sun was low in the sky. The clouds were pretty blues, oranges, purples, pinks, and yellows. The clouds were even making shapes. Some were bunnies. Others where weird pictures. The fire kept crackling next to me keeping me warm. Crying silent tears I drifted off to sleep.

Images skittered across my eyelids. Beautiful colors swirled. There were blues, greens, purples, and even a grey color. I reached my hand out, just to run my fingers through the colors like a stream. It felt cold, almost like water. My hand splashed in the stream of colors. They all started mixing into one color…

The gray came toward me, almost like it was reaching out for me. I pulled back, scared of it. The color just got closer and closer without me knowing it had a hold of me. It felt as though a hand was holding my wrist telling me not to go. I couldn’t decipher what it was saying. It was just a color, and I could care less what it did.

They gray grew longer, more into a form of something. All the other colors around me were gone. It was just me, the color gray, and blackness all around. I didn’t know what to do, so I started to panic. Stupid thoughts ran through my head. What if it wanted to eat me? What if it’s someone I might know? None of those things could be possible. Right?

I looked around trying to find a way out of the darkness. The gray form was now the shape of something, but what? I closed my eyes. I didn’t want the thing getting any closer than it was now. If this was one of my weird dreams than I can make whatever happen, right?

I imaged a field. One with tall grass and flowers. I was standing in the middle with my hands over my eyes still. I pictured that the gray shape was not there.

I said out loud so it heard me, “When I open my eyes, you better be gone.”

I started sliding my hands off me face. But something stopped them. Two hands were holding my wrists. I looked down through my hands, I saw feet. I tilted my head up, and my hands slid down by my side. There standing in front of me was Hongbin. I was so surprised to see him. He let go of my wrists and just stood there. I didn’t wait for anything. I put my arms around him, giving him the biggest hug I could.

“Where have you been? I’ve missed you!” I said with tears in my eyes.

I don’t know whether he heard me or not. I didn’t care at that moment. I just hugged him even more. We didn’t say anything else. It felt like we were almost dancing in the field. Just swaying back and forth. Tears still rolled down my face. He pulled me away and looked at me. I stood there, not ashamed that I was crying or anything. He put his hands to my face and whipped away my fallen tears. Just the movement of him doing that made me swoon.

There I sit on the grassy ground. Thoughts going all which way in my head. Instinctly I was pulling grass out from the side of me. Why am I caring so much that Hongbin is here? I never really liked him. Is it the fact that I’ve been alone for the past two or three days, with no one to talk to?

I raised my head to look at Hongbin. “Why?” I said, “Why must you do this to me?” I place my hands on my lap. “Any time I see or even think of you, I get all jellied.”

He just stands there looking down at me. “Why aren’t you saying anything?” I say. I start to pull more grass out. Hongbin squats down and places one hand on either side of my shoulder. He leans in and kisses me. Just ever so gently on the lips. I push back and cover my mouth with my hand.

“There is no need to get all worked up.” Hongbin said. “I’m sorry if I might have made you feel upset, or that I was ignoring you.”

I looked up into his eyes, “What was that? Why did you just do that?” I still had grass in my hand.

“Y/N your hallucinating things.” He said waving his hands around.

I didn’t want to believe him. I was already having trouble with being out here by myself. I felt one small tear roll down my check. Hongbin caught it and said, “There’s no need to cry Y/N. I’m only here to help.” He started embracing me.

He was only here to help me. That made me even more mad. I still had grass and dirt in my hands. I didn’t want him touching me. I threw the dirt and grass in his face. I got up, while he was blinded for only the moment, and ran. There was the forest on the end of the meadow. I knew that I could get through there. My name was shouted in the distance.

My face was hot, sweaty, sticky, and dripping with tears. I got to the border of the meadow and the forest. I turned around and saw Hongbin turning back into that same gray color. His left hand was held out to me. There was something in his hand. I didn’t want to go back over there and get it, just to be sucked back into the trance I was in. I baby stepped backwards, placing my hands behind me to feel where I was going. I kept all eyes on Hongbin. Every step I made he turned a lighter gray color.

He was disappearing from thin air. Tears streaked my rosy cheeks. All that I could see was half his face with a tear running down and his arm outstretched holding the object. I stopped walking and leaned against a tree. The wind blew, and Hongbin's face and arm disappeared. Up in the air was what looked like paper. It fluttered down towards me. With a soft landing it fluttered on top of my knee. I picked it up. It was some kind of note. I unfolded it and it said,

This is the flower that you search for.

Let your searching stop here,

For I have found it for you.

This is a picture of what a Milly looks like.

It is located off a cliff.

Somewhere near water.

It has a eagle that guards it.

One must answer a question before they can claim the flower.

Thus begins your journey to find the right cliff.

May you have help,

For you will need it.

I folded up the paper again. He was just trying to help me, but I blew him off. I didn’t want any help. But now I will need it? Who am I going to call for help? I have no phone. I have no fire. I have no way of communicating with any one. This must be the dumbest idea ever. I wanted to leave this unreal place and wake up. Someone pinch me. No I will pinch my self. Ouch it hurts. This is still my dream. I can’t really be here.

“Oh but you are my dear.”

I know that familiar voice. I looked up. There in front of me was Mang.

“MANG!” I jumped up. “Why am I here? It’s all confusing.”

He chuckled, “I know that it is confusing. But remember I told you that soon I would come and help you out. Now is that time. And I brought some friends with me.” He moved to the side.

Behind him was Mrs. Lee and Hyuk. Where was Hongbin?


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