Straight Outta B-More: Wine Ice Cream!

I'm all for boozy fad foods, but none of them seem to ever really pack a punch. Those sake-flavored Kit-Kats barely had any sake in them. And those fancy Jell-O shots they started selling at Whole Foods don't even give you a buzz. What's the point, right?

However, I've heard great things about the Baltimore, Maryland-based frozen treat Winecream, a wine-infused ice cream with 10% ABV per pint.


Getting fancy girl crunk on ice cream? You KNOW I'm in.


The brand behind the product, Crossroad Company, said they came up with the idea to mix wine and ice cream when they couldn't really decide between the two one evening and someone finally said, "Hey, why not both?"

The ice cream is made by mixing wine with fruit, cream, and other mix-ins before blasting it with enough to liquid nitrogen to create a frozen, creamy dessert!

Science is crazy, isn't it?


The ice cream comes in two flavors: Chocolate-Covered Strawberry and Mixed Berry - and the best part is IT'S AVAILABLE TO ORDER ONLINE! (For, granted, $15 a pint, but beggars can't be choosy when it comes to a hand-crafted dessert like this one!)

So is Winecream something you'd be down to try? Does wine ice cream sound like it'd be your thing?

Let me know in the comments below!

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