Today we're going to talk about something you might find a little icky...


In Korea it is called 똥 (ddohng) and its used in a lot of jokes!

There is a popular street food called 똥빵 (ddohng-bahng) aka POOP BREAD which is a pastry shaped like a pile of poop filled with red bean.

Yep, when you bite into this there will be brown mushy stuff, not unlike poop, inside.

And hey, do you think buns are cute? Me too!

But they're often called 똥머리 (ddohng-meori) aka POOP HAIR in Korean.

It's all in good fun and people are just more comfortable with poop jokes in Korean but its good to know!

Imagine if you didnt know this and thought someone was calling your hair poopy! You might make some enemies >.<

Did anyone know this? Does it change the way you think about buns?

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