Paul called unto him the disciples, and embraced them, and departed. Driven from one place, Paul only went to preach in another. No persecution ever quenched his zeal. A Hindu said Christians were like certain fruit–trees – clubbing only brought down the fruit. This was true of Paul. It ought to be true of every Christian. The more people oppose us and seek to injure us, the more love should be revealed in our lives. Paul’s preaching might not have pleased some present–day congregations that insist on having abbreviated sermons. On one occasion at least Paul kept his congregation a good deal over the thirty–minute standard. It was well past midnight, and he would not have stopped then if something had not happened. We can scarcely blame Eutychus for getting sleepy, and it must have made a great commotion when he fell. But even this did no more than interrupt the preaching – it did not stop it, for Paul continued till daybreak, and then they had the Lord’s Supper before he left them.

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