10 Cracked Screens That Were Hilariously Fixed

A couple months ago, I had something happen to me that I refer to as a 'double fail'. I was running to catch a bus that had already arrived, and my phone flew out of my pocket and onto the ground. Not only did I end up missing the bus, but the top part of my phone got completely smashed up. Hence, you know, 'double fail'.

Nothing says 'Ouch!' quite like looking at your freshly cracked cellphone. However, the people below were definitely able to turn their smart phone lemons into some lemonade by finding wallpaper that proved to be an epic match.

Which one is your favorite?

Bruce Lee in "Enter The Samsung" - whapow!

That's a pretty nasty uppercut. You can see the phone's insides!


Damn, someone went all Super Saiyan on this iPhone.

Well, that's an interesting place for a crash landing.

What happens when you let your phone go. (I know. I tried.)

One punch was all it took to smash this phone screen.

Your plastic phone screen is no match for Iron.

Spiderman just webbed the hell out of this one.

Chuck Norris doesn't dial wrong numbers. You answered the wrong phone.

So which one of these screens were your favorite?

And how's your phone looking right now? Did you smash your screen up too? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

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