My Lovely Vingle Friends

My lovely friends here, I miss you quite a bit. I'm typing this with eyelids barely open. (^_~) I hope you're all happy and healthy. I will be back really, really soon. Thanks for understanding and being so patient! Expect to be bombarded by alerts from me, in the near future. Those of you on KakaoTalk know how to reach me. @shoenami@blairwitme@oj1992@MasriDaniela@syairah12@saharjalpari9 If there's a sister I missed, I'm sorry. I blame it on my super sleepiness. (^-~) Callie, Relina, Neaa, Katie - I didn't need to add you guys, since you're all on KKT anyway. XD Source []

A long-time Vingler, photographer, gamer, astrophile, science lover, martial arts enthusiast, foodie, manga reading, anime watching, all-around gal.
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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