K-Venture - Shuffling @ iKon debut showcase

Well, this is random stuffs but as I was scrolling through my old gallery, I found lots of throwback pics like this. So thought I might as well share it should anyone be interested….. So here I am kicking off with my venture to #IKON debut showcase. Got the chance to attend #ikon debut showcase last year and it was pretty pretty amazing. Never thought I'd end up there...but hey I did (toast to my one lucky star hahaha) Rooted for this boys since Mix & Match days. So yeah…landing on their debut showcase was just cool!!

Yep…had to take that "V" pic before we rushed inside hahahha (Honestly I want to kick myself over all the V sign poses I did and keep doing…like really, just STAPH! )

This Ikon band is prettaaay cool…sorry I'm *too lazy* to get into details…(This is why I suck in blogging)…but yes! one word for it...DOPE!!!

The show was amazing...like that's given right?! Couldn't take much pics as technically we weren't allowed to, even for medias so yeah, had to sneak-click in between. As for show...what can I say; so many things happen which again I'm too lazy to jot the details but I will say one thing…the boys are such tease hahaha. They sure know how to get the fans reeled up. I can bet, tons of fangirls ovaries exploded like its nobody biz lol At some point I had to cover my ears from the screams…no shizz!!!! Ok this is for now…bore you folks didn't I? hahahha If anyone wants to ask any random stuffs about this K-Venture… Leave in the comment section….kekeke

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