The Piano Teacher

Ch. 12

At that moment Jimin’s phone starts ringing, he answers the call. “Hello? Ah yes, uhhuh. Okay let me put you on speaker I’m actually with YN right now.” Jimin says and puts the speaker on while holding the phone out towards me.

“Hello Miss. Lee, this is Mr. Kim I’m so glad you’re doing the festival. I look forward to your collaboration with Jimin. I was calling to confirm the song list? Five songs of your choice.” The program head advised.

I look at Jimin who looks at me and we both had the face of surprise. “I thought it was just going to be the one song?” Jimin just shrugs his shoulders.

“I think we’re the main headliners so we need to do more than one song.” Jimin explains. Yoongi lets out a sigh, he completely forgot that the headliner has more than one song required. He was starting to regret his asking of YN to do the festival.

I look ever at Yoongi who can read my question on my face and just nodded his head.

“Usually the headliner will perform four to five songs.” Yoongi explains to me, I give a sigh of annoyance. This will mean my time with Jimin will increase and my time with Yoongi will decrease. I’m so not looking forward to that at all. I look at Jimin who is anxiously awaiting my confirmation.

“Alright, fine I’ll do it.” I reply. I can hear the program head squeal with happiness that I accepted. Jimin smiled from ear to ear.

“Great we will be in touch.” The program head disconnects the call. Jimin locks his phone before YN can see his background picture.

“Okay we need to discuss where we will practice.” Jimin gets straight to the point. I look at Jimin and back at Yoongi.

“I guess tomorrow at nine o’clock, here.” I reply. I feel Yoongi let go of my hand, he plays it off and scratches his head.

“Since we have five songs to choose from. Is there any songs in particular you want to perform YN?” Jimin asks.

“I’ll think about it and let you know what I choose tomorrow.” I reply. Jimin just nods his head while he makes a disappointed face.

“Okay, I guess that works too, I’ll see you tomorrow at 9 a.m.” Jimin said with a wink and waves goodbye as he turns to walk out. Jimin stops for a moment and leans in close to me, whispering in my ear. “We will be working together for the next few weeks, I’ll enjoy my alone time with you.” Jimin said before walking out the door.

Yoongi looks over at me and see’s my shocked expression. “What did he say something?” I shake my head no and give Yoongi a smile.

“Now that’s over, what would you like to do today.” I ask, changing the subject and trying to forget what Jimin had just told me.

“It’s a surprise, let’s get going.” Yoongi takes my hand and we walk out of the house, getting into my car. Yoongi gives me directions to some place and after imputing the information into the GPS I drive off.

I’ve arrived at a park, as we get out of the car we walk through the park and find an open concert dome. It had two grand concert pianos in the middle. My breath is taken away by the surprise.

“Wow their beautiful.” I tell Yoongi who is smiling and loving my reaction.

“I knew you would say that, come on.” Yoongi has me follow him down to the center and get on the stage.

“Let’s practice here today.” Yoongi said. I nod my head yes excitedly. How could I have ever had the feeling of being burnt out from playing the piano. Ever since I met up with Yoongi again it’s like he sparked my fire for the piano again.

We take our places at the pianos, looking at each other, I start playing Mozart’s Sonata for two pianos. I can see Yoongi smile as he knows this piece quite well, we played it a lot when we were children.


“Okay Suga, and YN, we are going to have a recital soon, and I’m picking you both to perform together. “Yoongi’s grandmother said to us, I liked her nickname she gave him, it was cute. He did remind me of sugar with as pale his skin is. We both nodded and Mrs. Min gave us our parts that we needed to learn.

We were able to practice together at the small concert hall and it was set up with the piano’s facing each other and periodically we would look at each other trying to make funny faces to see who could lose focus first. I of course always lost.

*End flashback*

Remembering the past brought smiles to our faces and Yoongi even tried to make me lose focus and of course it worked. When we finished the song I run over to Yoongi and standing behind him give him a back hug and kiss on the cheek.

“If I remember, my punishment’s for you were kisses?” I advise him. Yoongi just laughs placing his hand over mine, agreeing with me by nodding his head.

“True and because of that, I tried my best every day to get those punishments. Didn’t you know I liked you then?” Yoongi explains, I’m taken back at his comment, I didn’t know he felt that way towards me then. I thought we were just friends really close friends.

We walk back to the car and head out for dinner. We pick up some pizza and some suju. We eat and watch movies cuddling together relaxing on the couch. Yoongi let me pick the first movie and he laughed at me with my choice.

“How did I know you would pick Immortal beloved?” Yoongi asked between chuckles as he put his fist to his mouth.

“Because you know my love for Beethoven mirrors my grandmother’s love for the composer.” I said sticking my tongue out.

“You love him more than me?” Yoongi asks playfully, I look at him with all seriousness that makes Yoongi blink in surprise.

“There is only one composer who has my heart, he’s always had my heart.” I place my hand on Yoongi’s chest looking into his eyes. “Please take care of my heart, it belongs to you.” Yoongi smiles as he places his hand on my cheek leaning in for a kiss. We start kissing passionately holding each other tightly, and exploring each other’s bodies with our hands.

Before I knew it, we were stripping each other’s clothes away until the both of us were naked and Yoongi was laying on top of me kissing his way down my body. I could feel the heat rising from my body, I felt like I was on fire. His touch made my body shiver with excitement, he knew how to caresses a woman, it was just like how he played the piano soft and slow, full of passion and exploration.

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